Sudden Death: Ki Bo-Bae Triumphs in Individual Archery for South Korea, Tops Shootout


The South Koreans take archery very, very seriously.

Ki Bo-Bae, serving as a prime model of the nation’s expected dominance in the sport, claimed her second set of hardware this Summer with a Women’s Individual Archery triumph Thursday in London.

Coming down to the wire in a super close, intense battle, sudden death would ultimately decide the victor. Locked at 5-5 in sets with Aida Roman of Mexico, Ki needed only to land an arrow in the yellow center ring.

Her arrow leaked outside the bulls-eye for a score of eight, leaving the fate of the contest in Mexico’s hands. But it wasn’t meant to be for the Central Americans.

“Today I think I was, in part, lucky,” said Ki, who took her first victory with the Koreans in the team event. “I didn’t see the last shot by Aida because I was just praying so hard. Finally, first place was intended for me.”

Dropping into the opening stages of the Final, the No. 2 ranked archer led 3-1 with a solid collection of Korean fans. Storming back from behind, Roman took the final two sets – canning four set points to force the shootout.

Beginning with an off shot by Ki due to crosswinds, there was a back and forth exchange, with the ultra tense final moments coming as Roman stuck her arrow left and further from the center than the Korean’s. It was all over. And Korean dominance continued.

“The main feeling is that I never thought I’d be this lucky. Last year at the world championships it was like I was starting archery all over again, and I really felt sorry to my seniors. Now I can stand proud in front of those Korean archers who came before me.”

The South Koreans have now claimed 14 Summer Games victories out of a possible 15 since the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.


Andrew De Lara


August 03, 2012