The Safest House in London: An Introduction to Oakley's Athlete Safehouse


Oakley takes great pride in its newest brand campaign – “Beyond Reason.” There is no greater proof of this than the Oakley Safehouse built to host the best athletes the world has to offer. London is teaming with media, fans and other distractions that could potentially hinder an athlete’s performance and experience during their preparation for competition. Oakley has gone to extraordinary measures to provide a safe haven for athletes to relax and feel at home in the midst of one of the most hectic times in their career. The 10,000 square foot safehouse, built inside the London Design Museum on the south bank of the Thames River, is the embodiment of Beyond Reason and Oakley’s commitment to its athletes.

Complete with a custom product bar, an Apple iMac station, two 65-square foot TV panels where the games can be viewed, a fully staffed restaurant, a coffee and gelato bars full of London’s best fare, a media studio and more; athletes will feel right at home in the Oakley Safehouse. The multi-leveled building comes complete with an outdoor patio overlooking iconic Tower Bridge and offers a home-away-from-home where athletes can come to be among members of the Oakley family during their stay in London.

The Oakley Safehouse shows all visitors what it truly means to go Beyond Reason. In fact, it salutes them for doing so in their own lives to make it to London. There is no doubt that any athlete who visits the Oakley Safehouse will leave with a smile on their face, exceptional product in their bag and a sense of family urging them to come back.

Check out an exclusive video tour from the Oakley Safehouse’s visionary, Cuan Peterson – Oakley’s Sports Marketing Director of Performance Sports:


John Ohail


July 27, 2012

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