Track to 2012: Oakley BMX Racers Shanaze Reade and Marc Willers Sweep UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in London


Think Supercross. Minus the motors…and with Olympic implications.

BMX’s version of the two-wheel racing spectacle hit a fever pitch in London last month for the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in the Olympic Park. And not surprisingly, Oakley dominated.

Shanaze Reade laid the smack down and dominated the final on the Olympic ‘first course’ as fellow Oakley rider Marc Willers of New Zealand claimed the title on the men’s side.

In a truly tough day for all athletes, organizers and track builders involved, 64 Elite Men and 32 Elite Women battled through a three hour rain delay and threw down after the sky cleared.

Shanaze, visibly stoked on the win in front of her home crowd, claimed a resounding victory – surely a positive sign on the road to 2012.

“This gives me confidence,” she said, rocking her Oakley goggles. “The British crowd made racing so much easier. I have not experienced such a big and enthusiastic crowd myself. The whole day was an emotional roller coaster. Eventually the sun came out. But this is England and we have to deal with it. We all handled it well. It is great to win one year ahead of the Olympic on this track.”

On the men’s side, Marc grabbed the holeshot and held position in front of the pack through to the crossover in the second straightaway. Fellow O rider Sam Willoughby and World Champ Joris Daudet passed him for a moment, but he charged back and reestablished control in the rhythm section – powering through the last turn and to victory.

“It was tough,” Marc said, sporting his own Oakley goggles. “With the delays. But I thought about Papendal where the conditions were just as bad. I knew I held it in me as I did in Holland. Once in the final I saw Sam (Willoughby) on the inside and Joris (Daudet) passing me. I had flashbacks of the worlds. But I kept my head and kept my line.”

Not an easy task.

Featuring gnarly innovations like the “Oakley Underground” – a tunnel where women drop in and pop out the other end – the track in England’s capitol was no easy cruise. But the athletes smashed through it and put on an amazing show and great preview of what’s to come on the road to the Olympics.

Check out this 3D view of the track: