Tough Win: Javier Gomez Noya Victorious at Sydney Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU Event


Javier Gomez Noya isn’t gonna’ forget this one. Ever.

Oakley’s star triathlete emerged with a big victory at the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series in Sydney after charging back from a bike crash during the race.

A heavy downpour of rain smashed into the course in the second lap of the elite men’s bike – and from then on it almost became a survival of the fittest, particularly when Gomez went down on his bike.

But the reigning ITU World Champion courageously battled back, rode the last 10 kilometers by himself then proved his class even further when he managed to power his way into the leading pack.

But the question then became: “Would Gomez still have the legs to out-run prominent rivals like Jonathan Brownlee, Alistair Brownlee, Sven Riederer, Brendan Sexton and David Hauss after the crash?”

Initially, it appeared as if the Brownlee brothers would work together toward a win, but Alistair unwound when he fell rounding a corner in the rain and dropped off the pace.

Jonathan Brownlee challenged Gomez big time, but it was for not, as the two-time world champion broke away and finished with scintillating 30-minute, 9-second run.

Gomez absolutely shined, and after displaying his joy with a fist-pump over the line, he noted that he wouldn’t soon forget this particular race.

“It was definitely one of the hardest ones,” Gomez said, rocking his Radar eyewear. “It doesn’t happen many times that you crash and then you get up again and catch the first group again and then be the fastest runner, I’m really proud. I will always remember this race.”

The victory also helped remind him just how good his form was.

“I realized that I was fitter than I thought,” he continued. “I thought maybe I should give up after the crash, the time (gap) was a bit far and I wasn’t sure if I would catch them or not with the rain and all – then I realized I was really strong today.”

Congratulations to Javier for his super hard-fought victory in Australia!


Andrew De Lara


May 04, 2011

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