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Bubba Watson

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Unconventional, incomparable, unprecedented: Bubba Watson is a name that stands alone on the PGA Tour and in popular culture in the present day. Watson’s unique southpaw style and exciting on-and-off the course demeanor has brought this down home southern boy from Bagdad, Florida, into international stardom. His style of play is exciting to watch and his personality is endearing to encounter. In summary, it’s hard to find another human being on this planet like Bubba Watson. As stated earlier, there’s just something about Bubba Watson that is hard to describe, hard to explain to the common person. He plays by his own rules and marches to the beat of his...

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Recent Performance Sports News

  • Dutchwoman Ireen Wust Wins Another Speed Skating Gold


    Posted 2 months ago by John Ohail

    The Netherland’s Ireen Wust has made a habit of performing on the world’s biggest stage. The 27-year-old secured her third Olympic gold medal this week, winning the women’s Long Track 3000m race in a time of 4 minutes 0.34 seconds. Wust was triumphant in this very event at the 2006 Games in Turin, Italy along with another gold in the 1500m from the Vancouver Games.

  • Canada’s Charles Hamelin Off To A Good Start With 1500m Sochi Gold


    Posted 2 months ago by John Ohail

    Keep your eyes on Canadian Charles Hamelin over the next few weeks, racing around the speed skating track inside the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi. The Quebec native kicked off his campaign in Russia this week by winning gold in the 1500m race. This is significant because out of his four events this winter in Sochi, the fourteen lap, 1500m race is not considered his strongest event. Already with one top podium spot, Hamelin could potentially be bringing a lot of hardware home to his native country.

  • All Eyes On Sochi: Oakley’s Performance Elite Are Ready For Their Shot At Glory in Russia


    Posted 2 months ago by John Ohail

    The time is here and the time is now. Some athletes have fought their whole life to make it to this moment. For other’s it’s a repeat chance at Olympic glory. Either way, the stage is set for the biggest winter sporting event in history. Every four years, winter athletes of all kinds gather at a predetermined spot in the world to compete for hardware that is unparalleled by any other award. This time around, all eyes will be on Sochi, Russia,

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