2012 Masters Champion, Bubba Watson To Highlight Oakley Golf Team


Unconventional, incomparable, unprecedented: Bubba Watson is a name that stands alone on the PGA Tour and in popular culture in the present day. Watson’s unique southpaw style and exciting on-and-off the course demeanor has brought this down home southern boy from Bagdad, Florida, into international stardom. His style of play is exciting to watch and his personality is endearing to encounter. In summary, it’s hard to find another human being on this planet like Bubba Watson. Because of this, and many other reasons, we are proud to announce the addition of Watson as the highlight to the very promising list of Oakley golf athletes.

As stated earlier, there’s just something about Bubba Watson that is hard to describe, hard to explain to the common person. He plays by his own rules and marches to the beat of his own drum. For example, one of the many facets of Watson’s game are his drives. Known as one of the longest drivers on Tour, Bubba can be found sending a golf ball upwards of 350 yards off of the tee. And in the aforementioned, unique “Bubba style,” that drive is usually coming from a pink golf club. Why not, right? Just one more example of the distinctive personality that is Bubba Watson.

Professionally, Watson is most famous for his 2012 Masters Tournament victory. Already with three PGA Tour wins under his belt, Watson became a household name with his emotional win at the 2012 Masters. Watson, who’s best finish in a major tournament up to that point was a runner-up finish at the 2010 PGA Championship, entered the final day at six-under, three strokes off of Peter Hanson’s lead. After recording four consecutive birdies to shoot a final round 68 (-4), Watson found himself tied for the lead with playing-partner Louis Oosthuizen and competing in a sudden death playoff in the biggest tournament in golf. After a pair of pars on the first playoff hole, Watson and Oosthuizen both drove their balls towards the woods on the next playoff hole (10). Watson, getting the worst of the two drives found himself deep in the pine straws and somewhat stranded behind a large tree, leaving him without a clear shot to the pin. What happened next was a shot that will go down as one of the most miraculous and infamous shots in golf history. Watson curled his approach shot around the blocking trees and put the ball within 15 feet of the hole. He proceeded to win the hole and consequently the tournament. His teary and emotional embrace with his mother and friends at the 2012 Masters is something that golf fans will remember for a long, long time.

Beyond his Masters victory, Bubba Watson is known for being one of the all around good guys in golf. While you won’t always find him conforming to the stereotypical “country club” type lifestyle and demeanor on tour, you will find him donating a lot of his time (and prize money) to charity as well as engaging fans in spirited ways (see his 2010 Golf Boys, “Oh, Oh, Oh,” music video with fellow Tour professionals Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan). He has fans cheer while others demand peace and quiet during a tee-shot. In other words, Bubba Watson is one-of-a-kind. So it is very fitting that he will be joining the Oakley golf team for the 2013 season and beyond.

We are proud to welcome Bubba to the Oakley family. His attitude and personality are a welcomed addition to the team of Oakley golfers and athletes beyond his sport. Bubba will fit in quite nicely. We’d like to wish Bubba nothing but the best of luck in the upcoming season and beyond and a warm welcome to the Oakley family.

– Five Questions With Bubba Watson –

Oakley: What made you want to become a member of the Oakley family?

Simple. Oakley gets it. They love the game and they never stop pushing technology to make the game better. Whatever they can do — whatever can be done — Oakley will do it. I respect that.

Second, it’s a perfect fit. They have the kind of attitude I connect with. There’s no arrogance or cockiness… it’s just about keeping it fun but staying locked-in on doing your very best, even when it means taking chances. Oakley isn’t afraid to go against things that are popular just for being popular. They don’t get bogged down with the kind of thinking everybody else is stuck on. Oakley respects the game as much as I do. They take good care of their family, and that’s why I’m happy to join them.

Oakley: Coming off a memorable 2012, what are your professional goals in 2013?

I could say “winning as much as possible” but it’s more about pushing myself to be better every chance I get, and whatever rewards come from that, let them come.

Oakley: Oakley believes its athletes have a BEYOND REASON mentality that pushes them to greatness. What does BEYOND REASON mean to you?

I think it’s simple, achieving something you never thought you could do. You have to be willing to give 100% just to be in the game, and then 100% beyond that if you want to make it to the top. Not just the top of the sport — the top of your own limits. I think that’s the idea… you take all these “reasonable” limits and refuse to let them limit you.

Oakley: How important is the look, style and comfort of apparel to you on the golf course?

Comfort is a no-brainer. If you’re out there and you’ve got anything distracting you, you’re done. Golf demands so much focus. Style is important because personality is part of what makes fans connect with the game, especially the new generation of players. And I need a clothing company who can keep me looking good!

Oakley: How would you describe Bubba Watson to someone who has never heard of you?

I’m the guy who will try to crack you up during a casual round, and then maybe worry you some when you see how competitive I am. I play to win. That’s out of respect for the game, but it has to be fun… life is too short. I am so grateful to be here and be doing what I love to do. So I guess you could say you’re going to see someone with awesome style who doesn’t really fit the mold, and hopefully some great shots.

Find out more by checking out Bubba Watson’s Bio Page.

Experience the video that welcomes golf’s greatest performer:


John Ohail


January 03, 2013

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