Q & A

  1. What Are Risks?

    I drive knowing how close we are to the edge and balancing this is tricky balance.

  2. You Feel Pain?

    Even if you do feel some sort of pain, like the time I had a cactus puncture me during a race, you have to drive through the pain.

  3. Drink?


  4. Items You Can't Live Without?

    My Oakley shades and my Iphone.

  5. Any Last Words?

    I've had my fun if it all falls down.

  6. Words To Live By?

    Life is 10% of what you are given and 90% what you do with what you are given.

  7. Favorite Bands?

    Goldfinger, The Police, The Killers, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Jimmy Buffet

  8. Favorite Movie?


  9. When Did You First Start Your Sport?

    In 1996 in a Class 1 Buggy

  10. Who Inspires You?

    My dad and everybody who comes in as the underdog

  11. Oakley Is?

    Something I have to have.

Chad Ragland

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Date of Birth:
November 27, 1970
Phoenix, AZ
Toyota and BF Goodrich Tires
Motorcycling, Road Biking, Fitness, Travel, and Music

Career Highlights

    • 2008 SCORE Baja 1000 3rd Place in Trophy Truck
    • 2007 SCORE San Felipe 250 3rd Place in Trophy Truck
    • 2006 SCORE Baja 1000 4th Place in Trophy Truck
    • 2005 SCORE Baja 1000 4th Place in Trophy Truck
    • 2003 BITD Parker 400 1st Place in Trick Truck

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