The European media has tagged me as the consummate professional who is always smiling; Volkswagen describes him as a multi-talent. Mark Miller’s background in racing started with racing motocross, then winning on two wheels in Baja, following that to Enduro Racing as a 4-stroke Enduro USA National Champion. The switch over to four wheels came on the heels of Mark’s rally racing experience in Europe with the Factory KTM team. He was a works driver for General Motors’ ambitious Baja 2000 efforts, which led to several Baja wins and finally a factory contract with VW Motorsports in 2005 to pursue a Dakar Rally victory.

Q & A

  1. The Crowds

    In Mexico and Portugal the crowds are insane, the guys are looking for fingers after they service the cars on some of the stages it is really nuts how close they stand to us going totally who, I guess if they knew how close we were to being OC the wouldn't be standing there....

  2. Oakley

    Is Cool, and once you have seen how they make the glasses you understand how high the quality is and it separates the O from everyone else.

  3. I Prefer

    Endurance racing, 17 days, racing every day; it's like a whole race season in a few weeks.

  4. Travel Can Be

    It's cool going to places that no one knows, and meeting new people all over the world helps keeps me level

  5. Filming Can Be

    A rush, I just did a spot with Bandito Bros, the guys that did "Dust to Glory", we took a standard VW Toureg to Baja and had it on the race course at over 100mph in the rough, it was a rush with the Helicopter skids about 1 foot above my roof... so Filming is a rush.

  6. My Parents

    Coolest Dad on the planet.

  7. The Fans

    That's what we do...that's why we do it...Love every one of them.

  8. Cigarettes

    Are stupid

  9. You Feel Pain

    YEA, but it usually isn't part of my decision making process, until we are on the way to the hospital

  10. The Last Time

    I crashed twice in one race was the Baja 500 in 2006, I had the previous record of two crashes in one day at the 2006 Dakar and still finishing 12th on the stage!

  11. What Are Risks

    Every decision we make in the race Toureg defines the level of risk we are willing to accept at a given time

Mark Miller

Date of Birth:
October 24, 1962
Phoenix, AZ
Motorcycle riding, Snowmobiling, Fly-fishing, Mountain and Road bicycle riding

Career Highlights

    • 2003 Baja 500 Trophy Truck Champion
    • 2003 Baja 1000 Trophy Truck Champion
    • 2004 Baja 500 Trophy Truck Champion
    • 2004 Baja 1000 Trophy Truck Champion
    • 2007 4th overall Dakar Rally

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