Casey Currie is making waves in Off Road Racing. He is young, fast and not scared of anything. 2006 was his first year in CORR and he took a truck that was not up to par and made a championship run for the title. The 2007 season is getting ready to start and Oakley is backing this kid to win the whole deal.

Q & A

  1. Filming Can Be


  2. I Prefer

    To win

  3. Once I

    Feel competition I drive better

  4. Cigarettes Are


  5. What Are Risks

    Risks are when you do something out of the ordinary.

  6. The Fans

    Make me want to race harder

  7. My Parents

    Are my biggest fans

  8. Travel Can Be

    Fun and long

  9. Alcohol

    Is okay on occasion

  10. You Feel Pain

    When something is really wrong

  11. The Crowds

    Make the racing more exciting

  12. The Last Time

    I quit was never!

  13. Oakley

    Is different because they do what it takes to be on top

Casey Currie

Casey Currie at TORC Antelope Valley
Date of Birth:
December 5, 1983
Anaheim, CA
Nissan, BFG, Simple Green, Ogio, Alpinestars, Motive Gear
Motocross, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, Glamis, River

Career Highlights

    • 3rd Place Chula Vista – Rookie Year 2006
    • Top 10 Points Rookie Year 2006
    • 3rd Baja 500 9th Overall 2004
    • Class 1400 Champion 2002