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Vince Lomardi said winning was everything, after the loss of Eric Medlen, I disagreed. I felt that winning and safety had to go hand in hand. And I was beat up for making that statement about a true legend. My only response was maybe he never lost a man on the playing field.

Date of Birth:
May 4, 1949
Bell Gardens, CA is my hometown everybody loves to go home, to their old town where they grew up, but my town is not there anymore. But it’s still my hometown and I still love it.
Castrol, Ford, Auto Club, Traxxas, BrandSource, Mac Tools, Oakley, Freightliner, Lionel
Motorcycles & car collections

Career Highlights

    • 1st championship at the Molson Grandnational in June 1987 - Montréal, Canada
    • 10 championships in a row (1993-2002)
    • OVI Michigan Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee (2008)
    • 15th Championship (2010)
    • Lee Iacocca Award (2012)
    • International Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee (2012)

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