Tony Schumacher is an American drag racer that began speeding down the quarter-mile at the young age of 16. He career advanced quickly from the innocent nights at the local drag strip with his High School buddies, to become the winningest driver in Top Fuel history on the National Hot Rod Association circuit. He has accumulated seven World Titles in his 15-year professional career, as well as 8 prestigious U.S. Nationals wins in Indianapolis. He drives the U.S. Army Top Fuel Dragster, owned by his father, Don Schumacher.

Q & A

  1. When you get into a car with 8,000 horsepower, there is a lot of risk.

    I don’t like to think about it. Normally, no. If I crash, definitely. You want to be in great shape. If any little thing is discomforting in your body, it will be amplified in racing.

  2. Travel is?

    Exciting - and it can wear you out at the same time.

  3. Drink:

    Fresh Orange Juice

  4. Items you can’t live without- Music and motorized vehicles Words to live by:

    Leave nothing on the table

  5. Favorite Bands?

    Metallica, Bob Seger, Jimmy Buffett

  6. Favorite Movie?

    I have a lot of them, but ‘Miracle’ is the most inspiring story

  7. When did you start your sport?


  8. Who inspires you?

    My father, he inspired me to become a race-car driver. I can remember being as young as 5-years old listening to he and his friends tell stories from their racing days. That had an impact on me.

  9. Oakley is?

    A company that brings the best to every product they produce. They protect a lot of my friends - the U.S. Army soldiers, on the battlefield with their sunglasses and combat boots. It’s amazing.

Tony Schumacher

Date of Birth:
December 25, 1969
Long Grove, Ill.
U.S. Army, Gates Belts and Hoses, Valvoline, Matco Tools
Cigar aficionado, fly-fishing; golf; racquetball; softball; radio-controlled helicopters; motorcycles; hockey

Career Highlights

    • Seven-time NHRA Top Fuel World Champion
    • 8-time U.S. Nationals Champion
    • 500 career NHRA round wins
    • Most wins in NHRA TF history