I am known to be very professional in all I am doing, kind off perfectionist, funny and easy going guy, hard working guy 12-14 hour a day – 6 day a week is not unusual.

Goals: Winning the FIA Championship again!
Do the Haute Route Skiing from Chamonix in France to Zermatt in Schwitserland -takes 7 days – and learn how too ski as good as Jon Olson, but the Jon Olson thing is kind off unrealistic!

Background: Started off when I was 24 as a Volvo car salesman, then I started my own little car dealer shop 1985, sold that in 1989, due too I was offered a very good salesman job in the Prefab house business, on the side to get the extra money to go racing I also imported German luxury cars for quite some time.

Married with Maria for over 20 years, 3 kids all girls 15, 21, and 23 years old, a cat and a dog and 3 Island horses

Q & A

  1. What are Risks?

    There are always stupid things you can do on or off the race track. I'd rather lift off the gas than risk the race car. I have raced cars reaching speeds close to 200 MPH and have only been in an accident once. We hit the wall but never rolled or had a major crash.

  2. You feel Pain?

    When I loose!

  3. Travel Can Be?

    Okay, sometimes even relaxing.

  4. Drink?

    Not much, a good glass of white wine every now and then, when I'm partying, Red Bull and Vodka.

  5. Items you can't live without?

    My race car, my motor cycle, my kids, and my Oakley gear.

  6. Favorite Bands?

    No particular favorite. I'm into good Lounge music.

  7. Favorite Movie?

    Top Gun and the Dirty Dozen

  8. When did you start your sport?

    When I was 19 years old

  9. Oakley is?

    Oakley is an Icon. It's a style of living.

Michael Malmgren

Stefan Boman Photography

"Live today, for tomorrow can be too late!"

Date of Birth:
January 15, 1957
Arild, Sweden
Team Title sponsor is Lahega Car Chemicals (most famous for the high quality vaxes used by Volvo, Audi etc, but also makes a lot off car industry chemicals, cleaners, solvent etc see Myresjöhus (Sweden’s biggest prefab home manufacture). Bose (home entertainment system surround audio) Strange Engineering, Wiseco pistons, Braswell carburetors, Federal Mogul, GRP rods, Richmond gears all major product sponsors, and then some smaller product sponsors: MSD ignition, PSI springs, Manton Pushrods, BLP Products, Xceldyne , Dynotech.
Downhill skiing (prefer offpist) my family and my daughters horses (Island horses) and taking my Suzuki power cruiser VZ1600 cc for a ride

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