When Worlds Collide

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Kyle Strait, Oakley’s Downhill superstar came to Vegas to celebrate his 22 birthday and decided to do it up right and experience the vibe Oakley has in the Drag business at “The Strip” at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

We started the day off in the Oakley/NAPA hospitality, where Kyle and Ron Capps hit it off huge!. Ron personally gave Kyle a complete tour and 411 on what goes on in the Drag Racing world. The two talked about the G Forces involved with both types of racing. Ron was talking about his funny car pulls around 6 G’s when at full throttle. Kyle could only laugh, saying how he might hit one G on impact off a 50 foot cliff drop.

From there, Ron took Kyle to the NHRA starting line for the experience of a lifetime. They both stood between 2 Top Fuel Funny Cars where Kyle felt the power of 2 cars with 16,000 horse power from just a few feet away. With 15,000 spectators in the stands, it was a remarkable day to for the two world class athletes!

“What a great way to spend a Birthday! Oakley Motor Sports Rock!” Kyle Strait