Q & A

  1. You Feel Pain?

    The only pain I feel is when we lose.... (grin) There is a lot of positive and negative G-Forces put on us in the Funny Car, so most of the physical pain is in the neck and head area.

  2. What are Risks?

    The risk we face every single run is that when you step on a gas pedal that has 8,000 horsepower connected to it, in a race car that travels at speeds over 330 MPH.... Anything can happen.

  3. Travel Can Be?

    The worst part of the job, especially in the world we live in today. The lines are longer and the airlines don't seem to care as much about us as they used to.

  4. I Prefer?

    Less talking and more action on the track.

  5. Oakley is Different?

    Oakley is different in the best way possible, if you are wearing anything with an "O" on it, you automatically get a double look from people because in my mind, Oakley represents a way of life in a sense.

  6. The Fans?

    Want to be entertained, if they aren't, they are going to take their hard earned money and go somewhere else.

  7. The Crowds?

    Have become larger in our sport, but still remain the best fans in sports in my opinion.

  8. Filming Can Be?

    Fun.... especially working with sponsors like Oakley that are always on the cutting edge.

  9. My Parents?

    Must have had way more patience when I was a kid than I have now with mine.

  10. Listening to Now?

    Old Pennywise and Hell Yeah

  11. Favorite Bands?

    Pennywise and Metallica

  12. Items you can't live without?

    Cell Phone and computer.

  13. Words to Live by??

    Treat people the way that you want to be treated.

  14. Any last words?

    I want to wish for all the success for all of our Oakley team mates in all sports!

Ron Capps

Date of Birth:
June 20, 1965
Carlsbad, California
NAPA Auto Parts

Career Highlights