O’s Everywhere! Oakley Shines at 2011 Daytona 500 Spectacle


NASCAR Fans are some of the most dedicated, hard-core sports fans on Earth.

And that includes their support of companies within the industry.

“I love Oakley! I won’t buy anything else or put anything else on my eyes!”

That should tell the whole story in itself.

The Big O’s prominence in the four-wheel motorsports world can rarely be displayed better than at the Mecca of all that is NASCAR: The Daytona 500.

Throughout an eventful week in Florida, Oakley’s drivers, amongst the very best, ripped it up on the track. No surprise there. From Michael Waltrip, Jamie McMurray, Clint Bowyer, Martin Truex, Ricky Carmichael, Tony Stewart to Juan Pablo Montoya and others, win or lose, everyone killed it.

There was Waltrip’s emotional NASCAR Truck win on the 10th anniversary of his first ever win in his career and at Daytona – the same race where his friend Dale Earnhardt senior passed away after a crash on the track. Complemented by a super solid start to the season for Oakley Motocross Legend Ricky Carmichael in his truck.

Then of course, there was Tony Stewart’s ultra-narrow, dramatic win over fellow Oakley driver Clint Bowyer in the Nationwide Series Race after a green-white-checker-finish. Pure drag race style action to the end.

And just an overall solid weekend for Clint, who was just barely edged by .007 seconds in the Nationwide Race and .005 seconds in the Gatorade Duels (Duel 2). He challenged every time his car was in the mix.

As our athletes smashed through the competition, their eyewear, racing boots, fire suits, base layers and gloves clearly took center stage.

But off the track, Oakley was even more dominant.

The O’s were everywhere. Literally.

Virtually every NASCAR official was rockin’ Oakley – joined by several pit crews, staff, media, police, military personnel and the general public.

Hard core fans, sucked into the world of social media, even attended the annual Daytona “Tweet Up” – a Twitter-driven event held by NASCAR and the International Speedway Corporation (ISC). And Oakley was clearly the star this year. Fans got the chance to win free Oakley eyewear and O racing gloves signed by Oakley star Juan Pablo Montoya by answering trivia questions. Sufficed to say, the stoke on Oakley was huge.

And top that all off, Oakley’s famous Rollin’ O Lab, the mobile research and development demonstration unit that displays O’s superior technology, was a staple in the infield.

Oh, and did we mention that the Oakley entourage enjoys a full police escort in and out the track on Sunday (Sprint Cup Race Day)?

To put it lightly, the Big O is a very big deal in racing. And it was more than fully apparent at “The Great American Race” this week.

We’ll cap it off with a nice clip of Hank Jones – a pit crew legend (who’s been in the Pit for Dale Earnhardt Sr – Hall of Fame) who’s currently on Rusty Wallace’s Oakley Sponsored Pit Crew – complemented by Oakley NASCAR Team Manager Mark “Hollwood” – also on the same crew.