• On the Chase: NASCAR Star Clint Bowyer In the Championship Hunt After Charlotte Triumph


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Many are learning their lesson the hard way: Don’t sleep on Clint Bowyer. Oakley’s NASCAR Star, shocking the field with a couple of victories already this season, made another power play with his impressive triumph at Charlotte this past weekend. The win places himself and the Michael Waltrip Racing Team in position to solidly challenge for the coveted Sprint Cup. ‘‘It’s fun to walk to Victory Lane, that’s the best walk you could ever have,’’ Clint said, rocking his Oakley eyewear, racing fire suit, boots, gloves and base layer.

  • The Chase! NASCAR Star Clint Bowyer Claims Richmond Glory, Shoots Into Sprint Cup Championship Contention With Fellow Oakley Drivers


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Clint Bowyer may be known as a likeable, down home driver. And, he is, for the most part, underestimated. But make no mistake: Oakley’s NASCAR Star isn’t shooting for second. In what was a stunning victory for his team and the series overall, Clint triumphed at the Auto Parts 400 in Richmond to send him screaming into the Chase with a real shot at the coveted Sprint Cup. During his first season with the developing Michael Waltrip Racing Team – after departing from his former team, Richard Childress Racing (one of the top tier squads) – the former Motocross rider is raising eyebrows with his position just six points out of first place. “Unbelievable,” Clint said, rocking his Oakley eyewear, racing fire suit, racing gloves, racing boots and racing base layer. “To be able to win again, everything’s new.”

  • Wine Country: NASCAR Star Clint Bowyer Claims Sonoma Victory


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Clint Bowyer’s roots are in Motocross. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that Oakley’s NASCAR Star owned a road course more reminiscent of an MX race than the typical oval. But the Kansas native still didn’t feel right being in front of the pack en route to a grand victory at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 in Sonoma this past weekend. “You know you’re close on fuel, you’ve got two champions behind you, and you know you have no business leading,” Clint said, rocking his Oakley eyewear, racing fire suit, gloves, boots and base layer. “But we had a really good car.”

Clint Bowyer

2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Kansas
Date of Birth:
May 30, 1979
Emporia, Kansas
Cheerios, Hamburger Helper, Holiday Inn, BB&T, The Hartford, Chevrolet, Prilosec, Cometic Gaskets, Scheck Industries, and Coca-Cola
Hot Rods, Go-Karts, Motorcycles Fields full-time dirt late model team under the Clint Bowyer Racing banner

Career Highlights

    • 2008 Nationwide Series Champion
    • Two career Sprint Cup Victories
    • 2007 Third Place Finish in Sprint Cup Standings
    • 2008 Fifth Place in Final Sprint Cup Standings