Oakley Groms Smoke TX


Having a small tight group of the fastest non-pro and amateur pro racers, Oakley dominated the field by taking almost every national title there was to be won.

Flying under the radar was Oakley’s Austin Stroupe. At the young age of 15 dropped, he dropped the hammer on everyone that entered the non-pro classes by running away with 8 National Championships. Rocking the Antifreeze Oakley CROWBAR™ MX goggle and using all the advantages of Oakley’s High Definition Optics® (HDO®) optics, this youngster from NC has a very bright future in the MX world and will definitely be a name that you will hear about in the future.

Nico Izzi, another Oakley non pro, didn’t have as much luck as expected but was one of the fastest riders on the Texas motocross track. Nico, also being a youngster at 15 years of age, still walked away with a championship and many unforgettable come-backs as he was plagued from bad starts and crashes. It’s a good thing for Nico that was he was wearing his Oakley MX O FRAME® goggles with laminated tear offs, so his back of the pack charges were as clear as day. Oakley’s factory pilot Nico Izzi is one of the most talked about riders and has as much hype as some of our big dogs like RC and Bubba had coming up through the amateur ranks.

Oakley’s amateur superstar Sean "the Disney kid" Hackley (16 years old) came out of the event with multiple championships in the pro class.

Wil Hahn (16 years old) also an Oakley pro athlete who put the smack down as he pulled through with a couple of championships himself. Joining Wilbur with success was, 13-year-old Nick Paluzzi. Nick held down the 80cc field driving home with more #1 plaques to hang on the wall.

The races that took place at the Lake Whitney and Oak Hill Am Nationals were ones to go down in the history books. Congrats to all the mini bike throttle junkies that I didn’t name and held down the fort for the "O" using all the benefits of Oakley’s MX goggles. Hope you all continue your success in World Mini GP in Las Vegas starting in the beginning of April. Ride safe and stay tuned to more Domination.


Staff Writer


March 07, 2006

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