Stewart Completes Perfect Season


There was no suspense in James Stewart’s final weekend of Motocross — just the same smashing performances as the previous 11 weekends.

“Bubba” Stewart joined Ricky Carmichael as the only drivers with perfect seasons as Stewart scored two more wins at Steel City Raceway in Export, Pa. The Monster Kawasaki again paced every lap and easily won both motos, this time by 9.9 and 5.5 seconds, respectively, over teammate Tim Ferry.

“Somebody told me how incredible this is,” Stewart said. “You know they crown a champion every year, but how many perfect seasons are there?”

There may be more someday but it could be hard to top this one. Stewart, 22, led every lap in the past 13 motos and 369 of 382 laps all season. Add all that to the fact he started the season four months removed from ACL surgery and it’s even more impressive.

“After the last few [years] I’ve had in outdoors, I’ve had a really tough time finishing the season,” Stewart said. “It was just a lot of a weight lifted off my shoulders, especially after coming off the surgery.”


Anthony Paggio


September 04, 2008