James Stewart Wins Inaugural Ford Field Supercross


Oakley star James Stewart won his second consecutive Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP/Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series race in front of 40,101 fans as the inaugural race was held at Ford Field. Meanwhile, Oakley young gun Davi Millsaps protected his substantial points lead as he cruised to a respectful second place finish. Davi leads the Supercross Lites East series by 22 points with only one race remaining.

Stewart, who took advantage of his Signature CROWBAR™ MX goggle to keep him focused on the long twenty lap main, cruised to the win after taking over the lead on the first lap. Stewart laid down some blistering laps that no one could match and he easily took the win. In the season standings, James "Bubba" Stewart only trails the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series points leader, and Oakley teammate, Ricky Carmichael. RC got off to a dismal start and ran into some trouble on his way to his second place podium finish. Luckily for RC, he was wearing his Oakley signature MX O-FRAME® goggle loaded with plenty of laminated tear-offs.

"I got out and ran a good pace, saw those guys coming – congrats to Ricky and Chad," said Stewart. "I got my pace on the first lap and really didn’t change anything after that."

"That was definitely a race for the fans," said Carmichael. "I felt like we had the speed to win, but got caught up at the start. That’s the way it goes."

Also in the title chase is Chad Reed as RC holds a slim 9-point lead. "I’m not settling in," RC said, "The points are too close. As for Bubba, well, he is obviously riding really well."

SX MAIN (20 laps):

James Stewart (Kaw)
Ricky Carmichael (Suz)
Chad Reed (Yam)
Ivan Tedesco (Suz)
Nicholas Wey (Hon)
Michael Byrne (Kaw)
Ryan Clark (Hon)
Billy Laninovich (Hon)
Timm Ferry (Hon)
Jason Thomast (Hon)

Season Standings:

Ricky Carmichael (Suz), 259
Chad Reed (Yam), 249
James Stewart (Kaw), 239
Ivan Tedesco (Suz), 194
Nicholas Wey (Hon), 185
Michael Byrne (Kaw), 181
Travis Peston (Hon), 146
Ernesto Fonseca (Hon), 125
Mike LaRocco (Hon), 108
Timm Ferry (Hon), 96
Ryan Clark (Hon), 94


Staff Writer


March 25, 2006