Muddy Creek: Ryan Dungey Back on Track for AMA Motocross Title Defense With Tennessee Victory


The defending AMA Motocross Champion is looking to take the reigns.

With a lukewarm start to the Outdoor season thus far, Ryan Dungey hasn’t broken through the proverbial barrier on his campaign to defend the title.

Until now, that is.

More than 20,000 fans braved the Tennessee heat to see Red Bull-KTM’s star take the overall victory at Muddy Creek – topping fellow Oakley star Ryan Villopoto with an impressive win in the second Moto.

“I feel like things are improving and everything is falling into a nice place,” RD said.

Despite a dominating RV triumph in Moto 1, Dungey never let up later in the day – hunting down the first Moto’s second place finisher, Justin Barcia, after Villopoto’s bike hit the dirt twice.

The door was open for the pouncing.

“I knew the pass for the lead was for the overall lead, but I didn’t know where Villopoto was at,” Dungey continued. “I was behind Barcia and just trying to wear him down. I knew with five laps to go, that I had to make the pass. Then, I had to drop the hammer a little more and push out that lead to get the win.”

With that, the humble Mid-Western ripper finally smashed his way to the top of the podium following some solid finishes from the opener at Hangtown to Colorado.

Nonetheless, he knows his title defense will be a battle to the end.

“It’s good to get the first win of the season. It was a hard-fought one and the track was tough. Last year was nice to starting kicking it off at this round, but this year will be different. There are a lot of tough guys and tough conditions out there.”