Bubba Makes It 10 Races


It was another Oakley night as James Stewart picked up his tenth win of the season in the World Supercross GP/Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series. Stewart performed flawlessly this weekend in front of 41,635 fans at Texas Stadium.

After a decent start Oakley rider James Stewart went sailing by at the start of lap three to capture the lead where he would stay for the rest of the main event. James played the night cool as he rode a consistent smooth race. The track was very wet in practice due to some bad weather in the Dallas area but as the track dried out it made for some very tricky racing surface. As the clay dries it starts to get very tacky and when this happens it grabs your bike and tosses you around, ruts get deep and your tires start climbing out like they have a mind of there own. With the track being difficult Bubba decided to not due his usual lay it all out and see how bad he can make the competition look but instead decided to race like a professional athlete with his eyes set on the long term goal “The Title” and he settled in and rode smooth and consistent to take the lead by his narrowest margin of the season. In the final turn, Reed made one last attempt at the win but came up just short of sneaking inside of Stewart, who finished with a .085-margin of victory.

“I’ll take anything over last weekend,” said Stewart in reference to his poor start and come-from-behind win last week in Indianapolis. “The first two laps I was just kind of riding. The track changed a lot from the heat race to the main. I swept Texas this year (winning Houston earlier in the year) and that’s big.”


Staff Writer


March 31, 2007