Heritage: Oakley Upholds Motocross Tradition at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championship


Ricky Carmichael. James “Bubba” Stewart. Ryan Villopoto.

You know the names. But what common denominator do these Motocross Superstars share – to the very core? (Besides Oakley Team Legend status, of course.)

Loretta Lynn’s.

The AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, named from the Country Music Megastar – whose giant Tennessee property hosts the annual event, is where the best young phenoms in the sport rose through the ranks to stardom.

Groms/young riders are groomed at Loretta’s. Pro riding dreams are made…and crushed. Big industry sponsors are fishing for the talent of the future. And lifetime amateur rippers continue to grow their passion for the sport. It’s a vibrant collection of racers from the past, the present and the future.

But more importantly, Loretta Lynn’s reflects Oakley’s deeply rooted heritage in motocross.

Since the company’s founding in 1975, The Big O has enjoyed prominence in the sport. A fact not as known to the general public these days, the company’s very first product was in fact a high-tech motocross/bmx grip – made of the brand’s patented Unobtanium® material (which gripped more with moisture/sweat). From then on, through revolutionary eyewear technology developed after the grips, Oakley continued its rampage on two wheels.

The tradition continues today…most boldly on the grounds where the future of the sport is molded. And this year, the O was everywhere, as always.

From the “Rollin’ O” Lab onsite, Oakley’s distinctly styled Motocross Rig, the brand’s MX managers strolling the scene, logos plastered on the track and other locations around the grounds – to the most promising riders rocking the O, the spirit is definitely alive and well.

And just like every year, riders and their families camp out on the grounds to partake in the vibrant week-long festivities – building camaraderie with like-minded riders, stoking rivalries with others and forging industry relationships that will likely last for an entire career.

Simply put, there’s nothing like Loretta Lynn’s.

With a commanding presence onsite in the Tennessee heat, Oakley’s motorsports managers are still constantly on the lookout for new, talented riders to support, help groom and develop as pros of the future…a formula that has been tried and tested.

As evidenced by the O Team’s current pro roster – graced by the most prominent riders (Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Davi Millsaps and more) – Oakley is still, and will continue to be, one of the elite names in the game. And that event in the South will always be something that most will share.

Peep the below video – and the photo gallery to the right – of O’s MX Manager Anthony Paggio in action at Loretta’s this year.