2005 Seventh Annual Surfercross


Surfercross was back in Southern California again this past week, pairing some of the top names in the motocross and the surf industry. With Oakley on board as the title sponsor, this year’s event went off the hook.

Winners got the customary Surfercross trophies, as well some great swag from the “O”, Yamaha offered up a 2006 TTR-50 as the grand prize, but instead of it going to first place, the top-six finishing pro riders put their names in a hat and a winner was drawn at random. “Factory” Phil Lawrence was the big winner of the bike.

Surfercross wrapped up after a moto day on August 4 and a surf day on August 5. In the Pro division, it was Phil Lawrence and O’Neill’s Garth Tarlow taking the moto win on day one, with Oakley factory rider Ernesto Fonseca and Oakley’s Ronny Nelson in second. On the surf day, young guns; Adam Wickwire and David Pingree of Racer X were in first, with Mike Parsons(Big Wave Hellman) and Kawasaki’s Dean Baker in second.

The surf win proved to be enough for the Wickwire/Pingree team, as they took home the overall title and became the 2005 Surfercross champs. Parsons and Baker were in second, followed by Ryan Sakal and Cycle World magazine’s Ryan Dudek in third.

In the Industry class, Yamaha’s Terry Beal won his second consecutive overall, partnered this year with Ghetto House Gassing’s Paul Berton. They took the moto win and placed second on surf day. Second overall went to Curt Biegal and John Haden, with Dragons Mike Bell and Motor Racing Outreach’s Joel Murphy taking third overall.

Surfercross, presented by Oakley and sponsored by Boost Mobile, Fox Racing, Asterisk, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Starwest Cycle Park and N-Style, was created by Jeremy Albrecht and Mike Parsons and has become an event that many pros look forward to each year. Surfercross is a fun, no-pressure event that combines the overlapping interests of many surf and moto athletes.

The event is set up as a team competition, with each pro motocrosser and each pro surfer riding on day one and surfing on day two. Teams are decided based on the luck of the draw. A random drawing at the start of day one determines who will be teamed up with whom. After each day, the points are tallied and the team with the best combined score for both disciplines takes the overall win. Past winners include: Josh Hansen/Scott Farnsworth, James Stewart/Mike Parsons, and Rick Johnson/Sunny Garcia (former World surfing Champion), Dave Castillo/CJ Hobgood (former World surfing Champion) and Nathan Ramsey/Bryan Hewitson

We would also like to thank the crew that made this event blow up including: Anthony Paggio, Ronnie Nelson, Jeremy McCassy, Shea Perkins, Liam Barrett, and Dino Andino for bringing the Motor home down in the 110 degree Heat.


  • 1st Adam Wickwire and David Pingree
  • 2nd Mike Parsons and Dean Baker
  • 3rd Ryan SakalL and Ryan Dudek
  • 4th Garh Tarlow and Phil Lawrence
  • 5th Josh Sleigh and Derek Natvig
  • 6th Brandon Tipton and Michael Byrne
  • 7th Chava Greenlee and Jimmy Lewis
  • 8th Brad Ettinger and Jimmy McGuire
  • 9th Christian Fletcher and Joel Albrecht
  • 10th Ronny Nelson and Ernesto Fonseca
  • 11th Jeremy McCassy and Matt Armstrong
  • 12th Scott Farnsworth and Jeff Emig
  • 13th Sunny Garcia and Anthony Paggioy
  • 14th Josh Hoyer and Logan Darien
  • 15th Brock Little and Dave Castillo
  • 16th Chris McLaughlin and Alvin Zalamea
  • 17th Joe Stauffer and Josh Hansen
  • 18th Troy Gibold and Stephane Roncada


  • 1st Terry Beal and Paul Berton
  • 2nd Curt Biegel and John Haden
  • 3rd Mike Bell and Joel Murphy
  • 4th Jeff Allen and Brendan Lutes
  • 5th Mike Gress and Deron Wilson
  • 6th Justin Dawes and Brandon Rambo
  • 7th Charlie Flippen and Casey Landvogt
  • 8th Billy Dalu and Greg Lasiewskie
  • 9th Brett Guerin and Ryan Fedorow
  • 10th Taylor Rambo and Cameron Coatney
  • 11th Eddie Casillas and Greg Giddingsg
  • 12th Joe McKimmy and Kyle Kelley
  • 13th Brian Barnhart and Aj Sjostrom
  • 14th Russ Brenan and John Louch
  • 15th Phil Kuhn and Rusty Setser


Staff Writer


August 06, 2005

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