Oakley’s Ryan Dungey Is 2010 Supercross Champion And 2010 World Supercross Champion


Oakley’s Ryan Dungey scored his fifth victory last weekend moving him into a 77 point lead over the next closest contender. With only 75 points available over the final three races, Ryan officially earns the title of 2010 Supercross Champion. This feat will be yet another milestone for Dungey’s young career, as the Minnesota native takes to the track this coming Saturday in Seattle, he will join legendary Jeremy McGrath “Oakley athlete at the time” as the only two riders in history to capture the premier class championship as a rookie.

In a night full of fireworks from last week’s St. Louis race, it was a showdown between the two most dominant riders of the season; Oakley’s Dungey and Oakley’s Ryan Villopoto. Through 13 rounds, neither rider had battled head-to-head for the win despite capturing the top spot in 12 of the previous races.

However, on Saturday night that changed and it set the stage for a dramatic yet unfortunate main event. As the two riders went bar-to-bar, a hard pass attempt by Villopoto left both he and Dungey on the ground. Upon remounting, Villopoto moved into the lead with Andrew Short and Dungey on his rear fender.

But with just two laps later, Villopoto miscalculated a tough rhythm section and crashed violently right in front of his title rival. The crash left the winningest rider this season with a broken leg, ending his 2010 Supercross season and giving Oakley’s Ryan Dungey the points gap needed to capture his first Supercross Championship.



April 20, 2010