Jessica started out riding around the yard with her dad when she was 7 years old. Her dad and Ricky Carmichael’s father worked together and found out that they were going to a race that weekend, so they invited Jessica and her father Dean. When she’s seen what racing was all about and how much fun it was she begged her dad to get her a real bike so she could start racing. Dean bought her a used KX60 from a friend and built a track in the back yard, but told her that she had to practice for 2 years and if she still loved it and got better he would take her to all the races. Before you knew it they were off to race every weekend.

Ever since then Jessica has won 27 Nationals Chmpionships, been in 2 EASports Video Games, been all over the world and been a great role model.

Q & A

  1. Where do you shop mostly?

    I shop at Fox Racing dot com, I also like Pac Sun and Zumez.

  2. Where do you eat?

    Well I use to eat out a lot but I'm on a new program not and cook most of the time, mostly organic foods, But I love Japanese restaurants and Chillis.

  3. What's your style?

    I love hip-hop with a bit of funkiness to it.

  4. How do you describe yourself?

    I'm a very quite person but once I get to know people I don't shut up. People think I'm snobby and stuck up but its just that I dont go out of my way to talk to everyone. I know once Iget to the races Im there to do my job.

  5. What women inspire you?

    I had always looked up to Mercedes Gonzales when I was younger, I just liked the way she thinks about things and she has always been a good champion.

  6. How do you describe your personality?

    Quiet but very outgoing once I know you. I love to have fun and be crazy at times for example, rental cars. haha

  7. How do you think about guys?

    Haha I love guys, I love the hot athletic ones with good tans or I can go for just good ol boys and I think I like the tatted ones like Carey Hart. I have a boyfriend now that helps me out 100% and is behind me all the way also.

  8. How does fitness relate to sports?

    I think fitness plays a big part in mx and I train 3 days a week. I don't really do any other sports, before mx I played soccer all the time. So now I do mx and poker.

  9. How does MX make you feel?

    I love it, and I feel the best everytime I come off with a win. I love it!

  10. What causes are important to you?

    Every time there is an auction or charity rides or like Rider Down Foundation. I try to show up and also give things for them.

  11. If you weren't racing MX, what would you be?

    I love playing poker but if I could change I would be a pro snowboarder or skateboarder. I would also want to be a Rapper.

Jessica Patterson

Date of Birth:
September 14, 1983
Tallahassee, Florida

Career Highlights

    • 2002 Loretta Lynn's National Champion
    • 2003 Mammoth Mountian Champion
    • 2003 Loretta Lynns National Champion
    • 2004 Oak Hill GNC National Champion
    • 2004 WMA Women's National Champion
    • 2005 Women's World Cup Champion
    • 2005 WMA Women's Pro National Champion
    • 2007 Oak Hill Women's Pro Champion
    • 2007 WMA Women's National champion
    • 2007 Winter Olympic MX Champion