RC proves again why he is the best ever, in the sport of MX.

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Oakley’s Ricky Carmichael recorded his fifth straight win of the AMA Toyota Motocross Championship Series after dominating both motos this past weekend at Unadilla Valley Sports Center in New York. Carmichael who always sports his Signature O-FRAME goggle had little competition after taking control of both motos by the second laps, and from there on he cruised to his third overall sweep of the year.

RC had it a bit easier this weekend when both of his main rivals Stewart and Reed had crashes and injuries that where sustained in practice. Oakley’s Stewart had to abandon the race due to a very sore shoulder and a stiff neck, and Reed nearly did not ride because of a sore knee. Reed was going to sit this one out as well, but chose to ride just minutes before the first moto. Reed ended up going 4-4 for fourth overall.

Looking through his Tribal print O-FRAME goggles, Oakley’s young gun Davi Millsaps grabbed both holeshots. Davi who has never been known for his great starts, pulled off two of them at Unadilla, and led for about a lap and a half in the first moto before getting passed by Oakley teammate Carmichael. Millsaps ended up finishing second in the first moto, holding fellow Honda rider Kevin Windham at bay in the end. In the second moto, Millsaps again took the holeshot, but was quickly passed by Carmichael and couldn’t hold off Windham for second. Millsaps finished with a second and a third.

After the race, Carmichael announced that this would be his last race at the famed Unadilla track. Carmichael now has a comfortable 44-point lead over Reed, 292-248 with six rounds left. Windham is third with 195 points.

Round 6:
(Oakley Athletes in Red)

Ricky Carmichael (Suz)
Kevin Windham (Hon)
Davi Millsaps (Hon)
Chad Reed (Yam)
Tim Ferry (Hon)
David Vuillemin (Yam)
Nicholas Wey (Hon)
Travis Preston (Hon)
Kyle Lewis (Hon)
John Dowd

Season Standings:
(Oakley Athletes in Red)

Ricky Carmichael (Suz), 292
Chad Reed (Yam), 248
Kevin Windham (Hon), 195
Davi Millsaps (Hon), 194
Nicholas Wey (Hon), 178
Travis Peston (Hon), 165
David Vuillemin (Yam), 159
James Stewart (Kaw), 126
Tim Ferry (Hon), 86
Josh Summey (Hon), 99


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July 15, 2006