James Stewart Tears Up Oakley HQ MX Track & Building

James Stewart Enters Oakley Theater For Oakley Week

The best motorcross racer in the world, James Stewart tore up Oakley headquarters today, from ripping up the MX track around the compound to the lobby to the sales department hallways. Bubba made himself at home for filming FUEL TV’s Oakley Week at as he put it, “it’s the coolest company and building ever, I mean where else can you tear through a place like this while people are working on their phones making billion dollar deals?”

We could not have put it better ourselves James, the environment that is Oakley headquarters truly embodies what the brand is all about. James spent the morning tearing up the MX track to the delight of 100 plus Oakley fans and employees. From there he cranked his bike around the circle at the main entrance pulled into the lobby and proceeded to terrorize the hallways of the main floor of headquarters.

Stewart took a break from his bike for lunch and a some unique video segments for Oakley.com (coming soon). Then at 2pm James entered the Oakley Theater for his show unlike any of the four Oakley athletes had before, he cruised down the 50 set of stairs to the main stage. To say the crowd of Bubba fans went nuts would be the biggest understatement of the entire Oakley Week filming sessions.

James knocked out his first The Daily Habit taping like a true veteran, who would have guessed he is only 23, especially when you consider he has been on Oakley for 19 years! To see all the amazing action, jokes, stories and more you will have to check out Bubba’s show on FUEL TV’s Oakley Week that begins on October 5th, 2009. Check your local listings for exact times in your area.