Oakley MX update


The 2005 AMA outdoor national series is reaching its halfway point, things are going pretty much like most thought it would. Oakley’s Ricky Carmichael is dominating the field like he has always done in the past. RC is on his way to another perfect season in overall wins and he is healthy and determined to keep laying the wood to the competition. RC loves his new Suzuki 450F and is learning more and more about the bike as the season progresses.

James "Bubba" Stewart is showing the true speed he has in the outdoor season and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Bubba is riding what now seems to be a dinosaur in the new age of MX. Bubba is still contesting the season aboard the two stroke 250cc engine and is under-powered against the big bore four strokes that the rest of the field is racing. Kawasaki is working very hard to get their four strokes out there for Bubba, but there is no definite time frame when they will be putting it on the track to be raced. Once Bubba gets on the thumper, look for him to start winning again like we have grown accustomed to.

Ernesto Fonseca is showing some great results running in the top five at most of the races. He is on a new four stroke 450cc Honda and he is still trying to get used to the new power it provides.

In the 125cc class we have had some great results with Davi Millsaps putting the hammer down but he has been very inconsistent and has had some problems with starts. But we look for him to be a dominating factor in the later stages of the series.


Staff Writer


June 22, 2005