In the growing sport of professional motocross, no rider has ever made such an impact on the sport as 24-year-old James Stewart. Some call him the Tiger Woods of motocross, others clearly state even in his mid-20s to be the greatest motocross rider of all-time. No matter what your take is on Stewart, he is redefining a sport and drawing in huge exposure for himself – most recently with his new signature television show on FUEL TV, “Bubba’s World”.

Make sure to catch “Bubba’s World” and also look for more about James in Issue No. 3 of Oakley’s One Icon Magazine.

Q & A

  1. What Are Risks

    Risk to me is being a great Champion, you can win races and titles but that just makes you a winner, it's how you carry yourself after these accomplishments that make you a Champion.

  2. I Prefer

    To be who I want to be and not what people want me to be. In this industry it's hard to really stand out and be different because everyone tries to do the same in Training and practicing and everything else. One of my strongest points is I have done things my way and have changed the conventional old school way of approaching stuff. I like to be an innovator instead of a follower.

  3. The Last Time

    Means never again

  4. Once I

    Win the AMA Championship I will feel complete and it will be the happiest day of my life thus far. This is the final championship that eludes me so after accomplishing this goal, I can start to focus on repeating as much as possible, and it's always that first one that is the hardest.

  5. Oakley Is Different

    In many way's that's why I chose them, they set the standards in technology. I have had many companies after me in my career but there is a reason why I have chosen Oakley my entire career. It's not the money it's the product, technology and service they are part of my family. After 13 years of success together its pretty obvious they are the best in the business.

  6. The Fans

    I love my fans and besides doing it for self accomplishment the fans are the most important to me. They give me strength when I am tired and rundown to get up and throw my leg over it again and again and to work my hardest to be the best I can possibly be for them. I would like to thank each and everyone of them for believing in me and giving me the strength to accomplish what I have today.

  7. My Parents

    Are the people that keep me intact. I know everyone says their parents or family for that matter is everything and I believe that is true, but when you are a professional in a sport you are tested as a family in many ways time and time again and it's the strong grounded caring families that stay together and I am one of the lucky people in life to have that type of family. Your parents play important roles in your life in many ways but one thing always stays the same, they are out for your best interest and they are always the ones you can truly count on no matter what life deals you.

  8. Travel Can Be

    Tiring when you lose but when you are winning it's worth it. I have found through the years that you can travel smart and you can travel dumb. Thinking ahead and setting up your flight to give you proper rest and lead time is the key, it's when you are stressed out running late that it will wear you down.

  9. The Crowds

    Are Awesome

  10. You Feel Pain

    If you set your eyes on a particular goal and you do everything possible to achieve it then you can sleep at night but if you try and cut corners and waiver from what the real picture is then you will fail. It is that failure that will give you pain.

  11. Cigarettes Are

    Cancer Sticks

  12. Filming Can Be

    I love to film because it's always nice to see myself on camera. If people are wanting to film you then you know you are doing things right, so I love to be filmed as much as possible.

  13. Alcohol Is

    Used to be sprayed at the end of a successful day. I think there is a right way and a wrong way to enjoy the bubbly. The key is to not let the bubbly dictate your life and to drink responsibly. Then it can be fun.

James "Bubba" Stewart


Everybody out there knows Oakley is the best!

Date of Birth:
December 21, 1985
Haines City, FL
Red Bull, Answer, Yamaha, Nike, Oakley
Play Riding, Boating, Golf, Road Cycling, Wakeboarding, Tubing, Mini-bike Supercross

Career Highlights

    • Set a record for amateur national wins at 11
    • Most wins in a season by a rookie (14)
    • Most overall AMA motocross wins in a season (11)
    • Most career 125 motocross overall wins (29)
    • Most combined 125 Supercross and motocross wins at 47
    • Only rider to win all 3 AMA 125 titles (East and West Supercross, and a pair of National Championships
    • 2006 World GP Supercross Champion
    • 2007 World GP Supercross Champion
    • 2007 AMA Supersross Champion
    • 2008 Motocross of Nations Champion
    • 2009 FIM World Supercross Champion
    • 2008 AMA Motocross National Champion
    • 2009 AMA Supercross Champion

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