End of An Era


Oakley Superstar Set to Race His Final Supercross of his Career

On Saturday, March 17, Oakley Super Pilot Ricky Carmichael will race in his final Supercross race of his illustrious career. RC finishes the sport breaking about every record ever set that includes a record 15 AMA National Championships all wearing the Oakley brand. For long time sponsors, friends, fans and fellow racers it’s hard to believe but it has come the time we all new was approaching, Ricky Carmichael’s final Supercross race. On Saturday night RC will dawn his Oakley signature series goggle and make his final laps under the lights at the Citrus bowl in Orlando Florida.

The racing world has known since his announcement was made at the beginning of the season, that this would be the Oakley stars final season of racing motorcycles. But not to worry because our hero is only switching professions as he double downs and turns his two wheels into four and tries his skills at car racing. RC has signed a developmental contract with Bobby Ginn Racing with the ultimate goal of racing in NASCAR in the future.

Carmichael was never considered to be a “natural” talent at Supercross. He was more of a fitness hard nose athlete who really shined in the world of motocross where fitness and determination are a huge factor. Carmichael being the racer that he is brought the sport to new levels as he wanted to prove he could win in Supercross. RC pounded out countless hours in training on and off the bike to eventually become the “G.O.A.T” Greatest of all time in the sport. It was in 2001 when the Oakley star broke the King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath’s streak of winning and went on to win the first of five AMA Supercross titles.

“I’ve been very fortunate and it’s sad it’s coming to an end, but at the same time I have to move forward. It’s going to be tough. There isn’t an opening ceremony that goes by that I don’t get a little choked up. It’s been a great road for me and my career is something I’m very proud of. I just want to be known as a great ambassador for the sport. It’s going to be tough this weekend to be focused on the race.”

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