Anneke Beerten


This past weekend, Maribor kicked off the MTB DH and 4X World Cup season. Maribor is a regular stop on the World Cup schedule and always one of the better races during the year.

Saturday evening the 4X went down, the riders fought a very rough 4X course; they put together an interesting as well surprising race. First and second corner were the critical parts of the track that needed to be passed quickly and safely to advance into the next heat. Oakley’s Cedric Gracia claimed it was one of the hardest races he ever did.

Oakley’s Anneke Beerten (NL) dominated the women’s race from the qualifying through every heat to the finals and won the race. Congratulations to Anneke for winning the first 4X of the season.

“We had a great set up with the MS-intense team, bus and a massive new tent, that made us look really professional,” said Anneke. “I qualified first in the 4-cross time trail. I had a good run and I was stoked to be racing with the number one plate.”

“The race just went great for me; I won the quarterfinal and semifinal. I felt strong after those runs and was looking forward to the final. I had a good gate and managed to go into the first corner leading…. from that moment on I knew I just had to let go and pin it down the rest of the course. Crossing the finish-line first is never boring!”


Staff Writer


May 13, 2008