MTB Season Opener - 16th Annual Sea Otter Classic


The 16th Annual Sea Otter Classic is a four-day ‘Celebration of Cycling’ held at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area in Monterey, California. Considered the world’s largest cycling festival, the event will host nearly 10,000 professional and amateur athletes and 50,000 fans. This year Northern California had been the target of every bit of rain, creating the muddiest conditions imaginable which made for extremely challenging conditions for the athletes, teams and equipment. All in all it was a great time and the Oakley team was out in full force. Here’s a round up of what went on.

Killeen stomps it in Epic Cross-Country
The revamped cross-country course broke free from its routine this year; with a mixture of mud bogs, technical ascents, more passing sections, and a final descent to the finish. Newly crowned Commonwealth games Champion Liam Killeen kept his focus on the top step of the winners podium and kept clear of the field to take home the win in impressive solo fashion.

Men’s Cross-Country Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Liam Killeen 2. Alban Lakata 3. Peraud Jean Christoph

Cedric Gracia and Lopes battle it out in Dual Slalom
After a month’s worth of rain soaked into the Nor Cal earth, the Dual Slalom course provided its share of challenges. The course featured sunken holes beneath a layer of mud and water, as well as rutted out turns. The Final was loaded with energy as Cedric Gracia and Lopes raced head to head in the finals. Brian Lopes won the overall taking advantage of his fitness, skill and bike handling.

Men’s Dual Slalom Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Brian Lopes 2. Cedric Gracia 3. Cody Warren


Women’s Dual Slalom Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Sabrina Jonnier 2. Vanessa Quinn 3. Tracy Moseley 4. Anneke Beerten 5. Jill Kintner

Moseley cleans house in muddy Downhill
If only the downhillers’ legs could talk, they’d probably scream. This year, the Sea Otter Downhill race proved to be one of the most difficult ever. Not technically, but physically. The short, BMX style course was sodden not only with rain water, but persistent running springs. For the women, Tracy Moseley powered her way past Anneke Beerten and World Champion Vanessa Quinn for the win proving she has the skills to get the job done.

Women’s Downhill Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Tracy Moseley>font> 2. Anneke Beerten 3. Vanessa Quinn

Kintner, Lopes back up their titles in Mountain Cross
The world-class Mountain Cross course designed and shaped up by race track guru Glen Jacobs guaranteed multiple lead changes and plenty of obstacles. World Four-Cross Champions Jill Kintner and Brian Lopes came out swinging in their World Champion colors and lead the way through qualifying rounds and all the way to the finish, to claim the top spots.

Men’s Mountain Cross Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Brian Lopes 2. Roger Rinderknecht 3. Jared Graves 4. Chris Powell


Women’s Mountain Cross Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Jill Kintner 2. Tara Llanes 3. Melissa Buhl 4. Anneke Beerten

Timo Pritzel is the king of (wet) Dirt The Dirt Jump finals were the last event of the weekend. Just around 1pm the rain started coming in and the riders weren’t sure if the jumps were ride-able. The Sea Otter Dirt crew pulled out a few clever tricks to preserve the jumps. With the help of a tar based roofing paper to increase grip/traction for the take off ramps and carpets at the landings, the show went on!! In the finals, Timo Pritzel charged it and did a flip over the first set which was not an easy move, then a nothing (no hands & feet) over the 2nd set and then a No-footed cancan over the last one. With a run like this, Timo got the biggest scores and took home the win and $1.500.

Men’s Dirt Jump Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Timo Pritzel 2. Adam Hauck 3. Paul Basagoitia

Cedric Gracia and Anneke take overall Gravity Titles
The overall Gravity Omnium titles went to Gravity Aces, Cedric Gracia and Anneke Beerton for consistently placing in the top scores for all the gravity events. Congrats to all who came and survived the 16th edition of the Sea Otter Classic!!

Men’s Sea Otter Classic Gravity Omnium Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Cedric Gracia 2. Jared Graves 3. John Kirkcaldie 4. Ryan Finney 5. Bryn Atkinson


Women’s Sea Otter Classic Gravity Omnium Results: (Oakley Athletes in Red) 1. Anneke Beerten 2. Sabrina Jonnier 3. Vanessa Quin 4. Tara Llanes 5. Tracy Moseley