O Lab Hits MTB Mecca


The drive from Calgary to Whistler has to be the most amazing drive in all of Canada. There are two routes that can be taken to get to Whistler; a northern, skinny and gnarly way, and then a southern, wider much little less gnarly route. The O Lab took the safer route, while I took the boys in the Sport Chassis, on what would be their bumpiest trip ever! Good thing they don’t get carsick!

Once arriving in Whistler, we had to take a day off for mountain biking on the trails of what is the mecca of freeride biking in Canada. We all had a blast getting wrecked on some of the most well known mountain bike trails in the world, such as A-Line. I dedicate the day to first timer mountain biker, Bryan, who almost lost a finger, and still came back for more!

That Saturday is was back to business as we set the O-Lab at the foot of the Whistler Skatepark. Once again we hosted a huge free BBQ, which was well received by the skaters, and tourists alike. Not even the weather could stop the flow of inquisitive visitors, as hundreds pilled into the O-Lab for a demo.

We pulled another draw at the end of the day, including another Oakley Holeshot. We all had a great laugh when I had a little 5-year-old pull the winning name. Murphy’s law as he pulled his own! Oakley fan for life!

The next day we set out to the Telus World of Science in Vancouver. Science was definitely in the air for the next 2 days while we hosted both a media and a dealer day. Again we were very well received in this beautiful coastal city.

This month was a great opportunity for Oakley Canada to work with the many great O-Lab guys and bring High Definition Optics to Canada in a way it has never been before. Big thanks go out to the whole O Lab staff; Bryan, Adam, John, Micah, Aaron, Zach, Ryan and those behind the scenes, and to all the Oakley Canada Crew. It was a great success!!!