World Premiere


The Longhorn Saloon was the place to be in Whistler on Thursday night, for the World Premiere of Oakley and 1242 Production’s, Have You Seen It?

More than 200 people maxed out the Longhorn for the bar screening, while hundreds more saw the flick on the outdoor jumbotron at the base of the world-famous Whistler Bike Park at the peak of Crankworx, a nine-day gravity-fueled mountain bike festival.

All of the film’s athletes—Cedric Gracia, Brian Lopes, April Lawyer, Wade Simmons, Niki Gudex, Alex Prochazka and Darcy Turenne—were on sight to sign movie posters, greet fans and view the film in its entirety for their first time.

"I thought filming the "Have You Seen It" movie was exciting enough…but the premier was off the hook!" said Turenne. "I was so nervous and excited to see how our hard work had paid off, and in the end it turned better than I could have ever imagined!"

After Crankworx Greatest Hits, a film compiled from the vaults of New World Disorder, and the trailer for NWD 8, the crowd was salivating for more MTB action. Enter Brian Lopes driving through an ominous Northwest forest and the beginning of the unique film shot in HD, 8mm and 16mm. Part MTB thriller, part Blair Witch mockumentary, part soulful cinema, Have You Seen It kept the audience guessing for the full 22 minutes and evoked laughs, cheers and looks of longing for the trail. (The loudest laughs in the bar came from the corner where Niki Gudex and Darcy Turenne were lurking.)

“I’m really happy how it all rolled out,” said Oakley’s Steve Blick, HUSI’s Executive Producer and co-writer. “And especially proud of our team as well as the crew over at Freeride entertainment… they made mountain biking look fun and inspiring… it made me want to ride!”

After the credits rolled, the Kokanee started flowing and DJ Vinyl Richie and Battle Axe recording artists "Sweat Shop Union" rocked the house, all while the 80’s Cult Classic _Rad: The Movie _played in the background. MTB fans wandered from the bar to the dance floor to the outdoor patio and kept the dream alive until the wee hours.

"I think the whole town of Whistler came out to support the movie," said Turenne. "It was one of those nights you never forget."

Have You Seen It will be a bonus feature included in the DVD Smackdown, releasing later this year.

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