Historic Performances at X Games Munich


Despite being thwarted by high winds, rain and generally uncooperative weather, X Games Munich has come to a historic conclusion with Oakley’s own Bob Burnquist at the center of the storied action.

At X Games Barcelona, Burnquist tied BMX and RallyCross athlete Dave Mirra’s longstanding record for most X Games medals at 24 after winning his fourth consecutive Big Air gold medal.

“I wasn’t even keeping count,” admitted Burnquist in Barcelona, but heading into Munich everyone else certainly was.

Bob had an early opportunity to best Mirra’s record during the Skate Vert contest on Thursday night. Right up until the final run it looked as though he would be celebrating not only a bronze medal finish, but also surpassing Mirra’s record. Ultimately, he would be bumped out of third by fractions of a point.

Come Saturday night, skate fans around the world were anticipating another shot at witnessing history in the making. Unfortunately, they’d all just have to hold on one more day as the Skate Big Air competition was postponed due to rain.

On Sunday with the Skate Big Air contest finally underway, Burnquist set the stage during the first section of the competition by landing a switch backside 540 ollie – a competitive first that accounted for half of his overall final score. He solidified his position, jumping from fifth to first place, in the full-run portion of the contest with his signature Indy 360, pushing the 20-foot mark above the lip of the quarterpipe.

Ultimately, Bob would best Elliot Sloan, who pulled off a tail-grab 720 over the gap for the silver medal and 13-year Tom Schaar, who spun a 720 over the gap and landed a melon 900 on the quarterpipe to solidify a third place finish and become the youngest medalist in Big Air history.

The victory marked Bob’s dominating fifth consecutive Skateboard Big Air gold medal and officially made him the most decorated athlete in X Games history with one more stop to go in Los Angeles.

“I’m not one to count medals, but this feels great,” said Burnquist. “The weather worked out and the contest turned out amazing. Outside of winning this contest, pulling a switch backside 540 was the best part of my day.”

“Everyone was skating so good, I just can’t believe this is happening,” continued the 36-year-old Brazilian. “That’s just an honor. I’ve been skating X Games since day one. To be healthy and representing Brazil, I’m just stoked.”

Amidst the X Games records rumble the rest of the Oakley Action Sports team was cleaning up in everything from Skate Park, with 17-year old Curren Caples earning his career first X Games gold medal, to Women’s Enduro X, with Oakely teammates Maria Forsbery and Laia Sanz continuing their spirited battle for dominance.

Munich also witnessed the return of MTB Sloptestyle to X Games competition in which Spaniard Andreu Lacondeguy, would place third.

Other Oakley standouts included in Taylor Robert who won his first X Games gold medal in the Men’s Enduro X final and Ronnie Renner, who cleared 28 feet in the Moto X Step Up contest to win the bronze medal.

All in all, the team won an impressive seven X Games medals in Munich and have us more fired up than ever to see what they will have in store for X Games Los Angeles.

Congrats to all the competitors on another great summer X Games!

X Games Munich Oakley Medalists:

Skateboard Big Air – Bob Burnquist – Gold
Skateboard Park – Curren Caples – Gold
Men’s Enduro X – Taylor Robert – Gold
Women’s Enduro X – Maria Forsberg – Gold
Women’s Enduro X – Laia Sanz – Silver
Moto X Step Up – Ronnie Renner – Bronze
MTB Slopestyle – Andreu Lacondeguy – Bronze