The Wait is Almost Over...Oakley's Top Secret "Icon Sender" Obstacle Set to Blow Minds at Red Bull Rampage 2010


You’ve never seen anything like this.

Oakley’s mad scientists worked in secret with Todd Barber, Red Bull Rampage’s Event Director, on a project that’s sure to shock the mountain bike world.

George Yoo, Cedric Gracia and Steve Blick walked the Rampage course in June and established a new mission: To develop an off-the-wall, one of a kind concept that would push the progression of the sport and take big mountain freeriding to the next level. Scratch that…take it up a few levels!

This secret concept is being built by Robbie “Bordo” Bourdon, ensuring that while it will be pushing the envelope to new levels, it will be relatively sane and realistic. But it will be utterly radical.

There’s been anticipation. There’s been buzz. There’s been an aura of mystery surrounding Oakley’s insane new brainchild. Rampage 2010 is going off starting Oct. 1. The gnarliest freeriding event is about to get crazier. The wait is almost over…

  • Additional Fun: Cedric Gracia and Steve Blick, while walking the course in June, buried a rare “Oakley Grip” right on the course – the first Oakley product from 1975. The motocross/bicycle grip, made of Oakley’s advanced, patented Unobtanium® material, would make for a unique collector’s item for anyone who comes across it.


Andrew De Lara


September 20, 2010

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