Brian Lopes: Mexico MTB Adventure


A couple weeks before the first big race of the year Factory Pilots Brian Lopes and April Lawyer decided to go on an Adventure with MTB Legend Hans Rey deep into the mountains of Mexico to a place called Copper Canyon. Not the normal pre-race training for the Gravity Trio, but still a test of physical & mental toughness which couldn’t hurt in their 2005 preparation for all things that go down and fast. This was an experience they will always remember, the adventure began w/ a 4 hour drive from El Paso to Chihuahua, then an incredible 7 hour train ride though the mountains to Creel. This is where the camping, hiking & biking began. For three nights & three long 10 hour days, BL, Apes, and Hans trekked on single track only traveled by local Tarahumara Indians. The scenery was often spectacular, but riding loose, rocky, technical trails on the edge of 1000 ft. cliffs kept their eyes from wondering off at the views. To capture the landscape, culture & riding of this unbelievable place they brought along a photographer & 2 person film crew who shot everything in High Definition for an upcoming TV show. There were too many experiences to share in this short story, so don’t miss the show when it airs.

And as for the different pre-season training regiment goes, it definitely worked Lopes more mentally than physically, but at top level racing it is often the one who is more mentally prepared who wins. Last month at the season opener, The Sea Otter Classic, BL took home the win in 4X after missing the last two years due to injury (busted hand 2003, busted leg 2004). It would not be out of the question for Lopes to be doing another epic adventure to prepare for the 2006 opener.