Oakley's Manuel Prado and Sid Taberlay Take The Over the Hump Race


Oakley’s Maunuel Prado and Sid Taberlay placed first and second at the Over the Hump Race, held on a beautiful, warm day at Irvine Lake, last week. Legendary Johnny O’Mara placed 10th. Oakley sponsors the Over the Hump series, a “grassroots” event, which brings the Orange County mountain bike community together for a midweek, laidback, fun race. The course is 3.75 miles and has two fast-n-steep descents, some sharp corners and a 1/3 single and double track. There are three classes which include beginner, sport and expert.

The event was a success with 315 racers who are already gearing up for the next race scheduled for September 15th. One racer summed up the day, “It was terrific! Friggin fantastic to be honest. Total blast! Great course. Challenging. But not too much for the spread in ability. Beautiful.”