MTB World Cup - Maribor, Slovenia



Maribor is known for very hot weather and dusty tracks but this year it was a bit different. After temperatures around 30 degrees Celcius on Friday ,Saturday was pouring rain all day until the start of the 4X race. Due to thunderstorm and too much rain, DH qualification was postponed to Sunday.

Ready for the gate to drop, rain stopped just before the 4X finals and contrary to everybody’s expectations of a lame race the 4X athletes put together a great battle and the slippery and very muddy track made an exciting race.

Men’s race again was dominated by Oakley athlete Jared Graves. Jared won qualifications but unfortunately did not take the victory. In the final it was Romain Saladini (FRA), Joost Wichmann (NED), Jared Graves (AUS, Oakley) and Roger Rinderkecht (SUI;Oakley) on the gate. It was Joost Wichman to come out of the 1st turn 1st and get this lead down to the finish line in front of Jared Grave (AUS, Oakley) on 2nd place and Roger Rinderknecht (SUI, Oakley).

Jill Kintner (USA, Oakley) again won the qualifications for the women 4X race and as well advanced to the finals. But unfortunately due to a crash with ever rival Anneke Beerten (Oakley, NED) both of them could only fight for 3rd and 4th spot on the podium. Caroline was the lucky third to capitalize of this situation and get herself another World Cup win. In front of Melissa Buhl (USA) and Anneke Beerten (NED; OAKLEY) who got 3rd and thus earned important points for the overall.

Oakley athlete Rachel Atherton (UK, Oakley) is still out of action. Having surgery just recently Rachel is ready again to get back on the track. But at the same time still needs some recovery and rehab. Sabrina Jonnier again added another victory to her list. Oakley athlete Mio Suemasa (CHN5) and got fith and Oakley’s Tracey Moseley got 9th this weekend.

Men’s race:
Heavy rain on Saturday made the track very difficult but as it is one of the most wanted tracks for the DH WC. Qualifications postponed to Sunday kept the schedule tight.but good weather a course that dried out very fast unexpectedly made a great race happen.

DH race was won by French rider Fabien Barel (FRA). Second was Sam Hill and on 3rd place Oakley’s Greg Minnaaar (RSA; OAKLEY) who is on his way to get the overall title again.Last year’s Word Champion Gee Atherton (UK; OAKLEY) did not have a perfect run and thus ended up on 12th place. Behind Oakley athlete Andreu Neethling (RSA; OAKLEY) and Matti Lehikoinen (FIN; OAKLEY) who is just coming back to top10 rankings every weekend. Matti hurt both his wrists in Australia last year but is just attending his first races for this year.


1 Fabien BAREL FRA 29 3:03.33
2 Samuel HILL AUS 24 3:04.04
3 Greg MINNAAR RSA 28 3:05.36
4 Justin LEOV NZL 25 3:07.65
5 Brendan FAIRCLOUGH GBR 21 3:08.50
6 Fabien PEDEMANAUD FRA 25 3:08.61
7 Steve SMITH CAN 20 3:08.74
8 Matti LEHIKOINEN FIN 25 3:08.81
9 Mitchell DELFS AUS 20 3:09.46
10 Andrew NEETHLING RSA 25 3:09.68
11 Samuel BLENKINSOP NZL 21 3:09.72
12 Gee ATHERTON GBR 24 3:09.9

Rank Name Nat. Age* Result
1 Sabrina JONNIER FRA 28 3:39.59
2 Emmeline RAGOT FRA 23 3:39.90
3 Floriane PUGIN FRA 20 3:43.33
4 Céline GROS FRA 26 3:48.08

4X Women:
Rank Name Nat. Age* Result PaR PcR
1 Caroline BUCHANAN AUS 19 250 250
2 Melissa BUHL USA 27 200 200
3 Anneke BEERTEN NED 27 160 160
4 Jill KINTNER USA 28 140 140

Men 4X:
Rank Name Nat. Age* Result PaR PcR
1 Joost WICHMAN NED 31 250 250
2 Jared GRAVES AUS 27 200 200
3 Roger RINDERKNECHT SUI 28 160 160


Leander Angerer


June 22, 2009