Q & A

  1. To me, Oakley is

    A company on the cutting edge of my sport and many others. They made sunglasses 'cool' for a lot of sports where they traditionally weren't. They have been a great sponsor for me and I'm honored to be a part of the family.

  2. Who / What inspires you?

    Being able to do what I love to do. Being outside all day and just riding my bike.

  3. If you could be someone famous, who would you be?

    Tiger Woods. I love golf and it would be cool to be able to play that well.

  4. Party animal or mellow TV on the couch?

    Depends on the day

  5. Number of years participating in your sport


  6. If you were not a pro mountain biker you would be?

    Still working at IBM.

  7. When did you start your sport?


  8. Years as a professional


  9. Favorite

    Bands: Jimmy Buffet, JayZ and Bigge. Films: The Big Bounce Books: The Monkey Wrench Gang TV Shows: Lost and CSI Miami Drink: Chai Tea

  10. What is more important to you than mountain biking?

    My wife, family and friends.

  11. Any last words?


  12. What move / trick are you working on?


  13. What are your favorite songs currently loaded onto your Thump?

    Any Jimmy Buffet songs.

  14. Do you have any other special talents (music / write / draw / paint)?


  15. 5 Items I can't live without

    Dog, phone, internet, granola, and thumps.

Todd Wells

Date of Birth:
December 12, 1975
Kingston, NY
GT, Clif Bar, Sidi, Target Training and Giro.

Career Highlights

    • 2X Cyclocross National Champion
    • MTB STXC National Champion
    • 2004 Olympian