Niki Gudex lives the life that she was born and raised to live. From a young age she moved around the world building on new places and experiences. After excelling in her education and sports like snowboarding and skating, she finally found her place in mountain biking, mixing individual and team sports to find that competitive place in a man’s world. Despite her small stature and multiple injuries, she’s always up for the race and battles obstacles, distance, weather and her fellow competitors to always make it to the finish line with confidence and pride.

Q & A

  1. Black Wig

    Perceptions can hinder you from really finding out what is real. I once, for fun, went on a corporate commuter train with a short black wig and some prescription glasses. I got on the train without much fuss and then sat down across from a business man. I took off the glasses and the wig and let out my long blond hair. I then put in a nose piercing and looked at the man across from me. He smiled and said, "I have to say I would have never seen that in you, I judged you immediately as being someone else. Guess that is a lesson." That really made me feel good that someone recognized what I was trying to prove to myself that if you look like everyone else you won't be judged, but at the same time you can't be yourself." I'll take the judging not that I am so confident about whom I am, but because I know that is the only person I want to be.

  2. Swimming with Horses

    When I grew up in Australia, I used to ride horses down on the beach. I would actually take this one horse, who loved to swim, into the water and swim along side of it. I love horses so it was fun, but more than that was a chance to be on the same level with something so beautiful, powerful and wild spirited.

  3. Be Strong, Be Me

    Like a tree that moves in the breeze, is flexible and strong, it grows and develops and no other tree is exactly the same. This is the thing I tell myself each time I challenge myself in life. In a race, before a modeling shoot, whatever... this statement means for me to believe in myself and do what I know makes me happy and be strong in my attempts to make it happen.

  4. Little Facts

    I eat dark chocolate everyday. I had a labret piercing in the middle of my face which I took out when I started racing because it always got ripped out. I have attended 8 schools in my life of growing up traveling. I broke my back before I started cycling. I love taking photos and going through old ones. I love images. Good art exhibitions make me happy. Bad spelling is something I notice. I have read a lot of books in my life. I love climbing trees. I love animals and I used to take my horse swimming in the ocean. My cat tries to go driving in the car with me. I have studied 6 different languages and hold 3 citizenships. I think women are better looking than men. After 9 years of snowboarding, I lived and trained at snow school in Sweden. I once made 1000 paper cranes for World Peace Day in Japan when someone said it couldn't be done. I studied Graphic Design at University and graduated top 5% of my degree. I dodge cars daily. I like to sleep. I like to think creatively. Nickname: Dingo

  5. The Swing

    When I was 6 years old, I was on a swing and a man came up and asked me if I would like a push. I told him, "No thank you, I will do it myself." The man responded with, "Well, you sure are independent," And I said, "Yes, I am." I went home that night and asked my mom what independent meant. She told me, "Independent is when you have the power to know what you want and take care of it yourself." That still sticks with me today.

Niki Gudex

Date of Birth:
July 18, 1978
Sydney, Australia

Career Highlights

    • 2nd Australian XC National Championships 2005
    • 21st NORBA National XC series 2004
    • 32nd NORBA National XC series 2003
    • 21st - Downhill World Championships, Vail - 2002
    • Australian Cross Country National Series Champion - 2003
    • Australian Downhill National Series Champion - 2000
    • 1st Pixie-Cross World Championships- 2008
    • 9th All Mountain World Championships- 2008