Unveiling the Final Sketch of the Oakley Icon Sender for Red Bull Rampage 2013


The Icon Sender braintrust is at peace. After six rounds of sketches, with elements added and subtracted, taking into account safety and performance , the concerns of the athletes and builders and designers, a final sketch has been decided upon. And it’s ridiculous.

Five launch points. Three landings. A hip. The “Big Girl.” 360s. Backflips. Crash potential. It’s all there. The standards have been raised. Cam Zink wanted height and a kicker. Red Bull wanted something the audience had never seen. The result: heart-pounding excitement flying down each approach into each line. It’s what’s to be expected for Rampage.

Every year since the Oakley Icon Sender’s 2010 inception into the controlled-chaos that is Rampage, it has been one of the largest, most mesmerizing features of the course. Consistently, the Icon Sender has challenged riders, forcing them to year-by-year determine new lines down the mountain while navigating monster drops and pushing their personal performance boundaries, which, in turn, increases the overall wow-factor of the event.

Coming to a consensus took time. There was the crowd-sourcing “Render the Sender” winner, which provided inspiration with the hip, then there was the long meetings between Todd Barber, Oakley Mountain Bike Team Manager Steve Blick, Jeremy Witek (lead of the build team), the Red Bull crew, with insights from Zink, Kurt Sorge and Thomas Vanderham, and then the artistic and interpretive talents of Scott Dickson to make sense of it all. That’s how we arrive at this specimen of a Sender. The sketch is a work of art. It’ll hang in our office for years. We know it’ll be the directive from which one of the best Rampages’ of all time was born. We can’t wait to get to Virgin, Utah on Oct. 11th to see the thing come to life.

Click the image in the gallery to see the sketch in all its glory.


Chasen Marshall


September 25, 2013

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