Red Bull District Ride


MTB has just gone on up to a new level!!! With the combining skills of big mountain hucks, tech and the style of street/dirt riding, we bring to you the Red Bull District ride. Twenty eight of the best MTB riders in the world gathered together before a crowd of 40,000 spectators in Nuremberg, Germany. They each put their skills on display to challenge the seven districts set up through the ancient city and ripped through with both amplitude and style.

The Challenge

The riders all stepped up to the challenge and ride through obstacles like the big 25 foot drops, dirt jumps, northshore bridges, jump boxes, step up/step down jumps and enormous wall rides in the “Oakley Street” Section. Each rider gave the course their best with two runs in qualifying and the judges had the task of narrowing the field down to the top ten for Saturday’s final.


After the first qualifying run the judges selected the top ten who had the best skills in the “Oakley Street Section”. Each rider took a 60 second run to go for the Oakley “Sick-O” award. It was nuts. We saw runs you would normally see in the typical BMX Street competition. Guys like Kyle Strait, Cedric Gracia, Wade Simmons, Trond Hansen (Newest member to the Oakley Team) and Timo Pritzel were throwing huge 3’s, T whips and loops over the box jump. The only difference is that they were all riding on full suspension MTB’s to handle the rest of the course with its huge drops. In the end, the win went to tech master Aaron Chase who took home a fresh Stealth Saddleback watch and a Oakley-made “warriors helmet” to add to his Trophy case.


After all the riders completed the qualification round and moved into the finals. The trick bags were opened up and we saw the imaginations of the riders turn into reality. What they pulled can not be put into words, click here to see the action for yourself…

1st Aaron Chase
2nd Paul Basagoitia
3rd Kyle Strait

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