Radar Lock for MTB World Cup


MTB World Cup is now in full force and making its way around the globe. Last week was the second round which was held in Willingen, Germany and Oakley Factory Pilot Greg Minnaar clipped his Radar Lock SPD shoes into his Honda G-Cross DH rig to power thru the wet conditions to take home the win.

Greg is now the leader of the MTB World Cup. This also was Greg’s third ever World Cup race win. The riders all aimed down a challenging two-and-half minute course that was hit by rain halfway through the final. The course was full of massive man-made jumps but with wet conditions, the gravel surface used by the course became very soft. Powerful riders took advantage of the tricky conditions with Oakley team riders Greg Minnaar, Brian Lopes, Cedric Gracia, and Kyle Strait putting their Radar Lock footwear to the test. Having a secure and comfortable connection to the bike gave the riders the power they needed to get the job done.

UPDATE – (July 14, 2005) Since the original story was posted June 9, 2005, Greg Minnaar has gone on to win two more World Cup events (Brazil and Angel Fire, New Mexico). Those wins give Greg enough points to wrap up the overall title. Congratulations!

Brian Lopes has also taken control of the 4X World Cup by winning last weekend’s Angel Fire, New Mexico. Brian now has a comfortable lead for the overall title.

Here’s what they had to say….

"I find the Oakley Radar lock SPD shoes perfect for two fundamental reasons. The first is that they have a complete rubber sole that is ‘grippy’, so should I accidentally unclip a pedal during the race, I don’t lose grip of the pedal completely and can therefore maintain control until I clip in again. Secondly, they are really versatile. When I’m not racing with them, I can be walking around and just hanging out. They are super comfortable off the bike too."
- Greg Minnaar, World DH Champ. 2003

"My Oakley race shoes are so different to any other race shoes because they look just like normal kicks, but they work like the best race shoe…. It shows that with a little imagination you make a race shoe that doesn’t look like a tap dancing shoe! I can race in ’em, club in ’em and pretty much live in ’em!"
- Kyle Strait, Red Bull Rampage Champ/DH racer

"I love the look of my SPD radar shoes, nobody in the pits can compete with them. Why? Because they are really comfortable, look casual and they stay strong for a long time as well. This is really important for a racer like me, who doesn’t want to change my shoes to often. On race point of view, the radar is really competitive compared to other race shoes, the grip of the sole is really grippy and for me it is the strongest.

The point and advantage to this is because I am always unclipping for the corners and I have the optimum grip even if I am not clipped in all the time. " The Radar Lock shoes are pimpin shoes for pimpin racers."
- Cedric Gracia OAKLEY Factory Pilot

"Oakley’s clipless shoe provides excellent entry and release with the most solid contact to my Shimano 636 SPD pedals I’ve ever had. The soles full rubber compound & shape are key elements in achieving this, while the materials used on the uppers provide extra protection that other clipless shoes don’t. All the function I need to win without sacrificing anything in the way of style."
- Brian Lopes, World Champ 2001 & 2002, 8-time National Champ


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June 09, 2005