Gee Wins Red Bull Underground!


Oakley Factory Pilot Gee Atherton showed why he is considered one of the best bikers in the world. Last weekend, Gee competed with 20 of the best downhill MTB racers in a 650-meter downhill (which took less than a minute) in a GOLD MINE.

As he had the best time in the qualifying round, Gee had the advantage of being the last one to go down the track and did not know his rivals’ times. "My bicycle arrived a little after me and from the moment I started the downhill I knew I was going to win. Yesterday, after the qualifying rounds, I was almost sure nobody would beat me", says Gee.

Atherton considered the last 100 meters being the decisive stretch to win the competition because the times on the last curve were very close. Equipped with his CROWBAR™ MX goggles, Gee kept the power on through the final curve to take the fastest time of the day earning himself the title "King of the Red Bull Challenge."

The Red Bull Challenge in the Goldmine was an event new to the world. It is the first time in history that a downhill competition has taken place inside a goldmine. The place chosen was the "Mina de Passagem" (Passage Mine) in Mariana, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. It is one of the very few mines open to the public in the country.

Final Results:
Gee Atherton – 00:59:988
Nathan Rennie – 01:00:550
Markolf Berchtold – 01:02:284


Staff Writer


March 23, 2006

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