Oakley MTB Rules Champery Podium


The MTB World Cup passed through the Swiss Alps last weekend, where Oakley athletes battled through wet weather and technical conditions to podium in five races, helping to create one of the most unforgettable World Cups in history.

“There’s a reason why it’s green here,” said Steve Blick, Oakley Sports Marketing Manager of the ski area on the French-Swiss border. “The region gets a healthy combo of rain and sun—One minute you’re sweating from the sun, the next you’re getting bombed by thunderstorms. The stage was set perfectly for probably one of the most memorable races in the history of mountain bike racing.”

Matti Lehikoinen took the Down Hill, Brian Lopes and Jill Kintner each won 4X, and Marie-Helene Premontt and Nino Schurterer both placed 3rd in XC.

Jill made every head turn this week when she left the gate in last and pulled herself all the way to the front line. After boosting over the river gap jump to pass Rachel and pinning it all the way to the finish, Jill is now the World Cup leader.

In the 4X Men’s final race it bombed rain through opening rounds, making the track extra technical. Lopes and Prokop blasted through the gate for the first turn where Prokop made it first with BL hot on his side thru the rocks. Just when things got sketchy Lopes blasted to the finish, capturing his first world cup win in over a year and a half, making him the current world cup leader.

In a race claimed by many to be the hardest DH the World Cup has ever seen, Matti played it smart, opting for a slower time in the qualifier and gambling on an earlier start time for the final. His strategy played off, earning himself his second career World Cup DH win.


XC women

  1. Marga Fullana-ESP
  2. Irina Kalentyeva- RUS
  3. Marie-Helene Premont-FRA-Oakley
  4. Sabine Spitz- GER-Oakley

XC men

  1. Julian Absalon- FRA
  2. Christophe Sauser- SUI
  3. Nino Schurter-SUI- Oakley
    Nino is the U-23 world cup leader

4X women

  1. Jill Kintner- USA-Oakley
  2. Rachel Seydoux-SUI-Oakley
  3. Fionn Griffiths-GBR
  4. Mio Suemassa-JPN-Oakley
    Jill is now the world cup leader

4X men

  1. Brian Lopes-USA-Oakley
  2. Mical Prokop-CZE
  3. Filip Polc-SVK-Oakley
  4. Gee Atherton- GBR-Oakley
    Lopes is now the world cup leader

DH women

  1. Marielle Saner- SUI
  2. Emmeline Raggot-FRA
  3. Sabrina Jonnier-FRA
  4. Mio Suemassa-JPN-Oakley

DH men

  1. Matti Lehikoinen-Fin- Oakley
  2. Steve Peat- GBR
  3. Sam Hill- AUS


Steve Blick


June 14, 2007