Q & A

  1. When did you first start riding? Where/why?

    1999. Sun Valley, ID/to get in shape after I quit smoking

  2. What drives you to be sicker than everyone else?

    Just in my genes I guess.

  3. If you weren’t ripping on a bike, what kind of menial task would you want to do?

    Something related to food probably.

  4. If you had to date one person who would it be: “The Situation” from Jersey Shore, The Vampire in Twilight or Wee-Man (hey, some people like their guys “fun-sized”)?

    Wee-man. It’s pretty bad when the guy from “Jackass” seems like the best option….

  5. Funniest thing you’ve seen happen on a bike.

    Most of these stories involve the infamous Waldek Stepniowski…

  6. Gnarliest thing you’ve seen happen on a bike.

    The junior 10-12 race at the 2005 cyclocross national championships. Freezing temperatures, icy ruts- those kids are fearless.

  7. Your Favorite…(Start with your favorite music artist or something):

    food: a tie between duck confit and fresh blueberries, drink: good espresso movie: the princess bride

  8. Oakleys are…

    the best glasses out there

  9. Best song to ride to:

    anything by Jack White

  10. First thing you do when you get back from a trip is…

    Throw my bag in the guest room, close the door and don’t open it again until the next trip.

  11. A lot of riders never get to go to Prom, did you go, who did you take or who would you ask if you could go today?

    I did go. With Tim.

  12. What is something that you wouldn't normally tell someone about yourself?

    I play on-line scrabble.

  13. Fist pumping? Head Banging? C-Walking? Or Funky Chicken? Which one? Or all of the above?

    What is c-walking?

  14. Dream vacation spot:

    The Catskill Mountains in upstate NY.

  15. Would you rather get punched in the gut by Mr. T. or super roundhouse kicked in the face by Chuck Norris?

    Why are you messing with either of those guys??

  16. If the most interesting man in the world wanted to take you out on a date, would you let him?

    Already married him.

  17. People would be super surprised if they knew that you…

    loved sardines

  18. What tricks are you working on?

    Riding no-handed.

  19. You’ve been mistaken for…

    A guy, but not since I grew my hair out.

  20. Food…


  21. James Franco or Robert Pattinson?

    Is the second one the vampire guy? Whichever one isn’t the vampire guy.

Georgia Gould

Date of Birth:
January 5, 1980
Baltimore, MD: home of John Waters
LUNA, Luna Sport Gear, Orbea, Shimano, Maxxis, Lazer, Doma Coffee, Beljum Budder
gardening, cooking, reading, and many other thrilling activities

Career Highlights

    • 2006: XC National Champion
    • 2009: Short Track National Champion
    • 2010: XC National Champion
    • 2010: 2nd, World Cup #3
    • 2010: 3rd, World Cup #6
    • 2011 Sea Otter Short Track Winner
    • 2011 Mellow Johnny’s Winner
    • 2012: 2nd, Mt St Anne World Cup
    • 2012: Teva Mountain Games Winner
    • 2012: Bronze, Olympic Games, London

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