Lopes Wins 25th WC Race


Brian Lopes proved yet again he’s the king of 4X, winning the 4X finals at the World Cup in Schladming, Austria last weekend. Lopes is now 500 points ahead of Filip Polc in the overall world cup standings, with 950 points. With only 250 points left up for grabs in Maribor in September, Lopes has secured himself another over World Cup title.

“It was a pretty good course with the exception of the first straight, as it is too short,” said Lopes. “But I got a good start in the final, made it through the first turn clean and then opened up a gap. The course was loose. Between that and some tricky sections, you had to be smart. It was a great night as my main goal was to wrap up the overall title.”

On the women’s side, Oakley’s Jill Kintner and Anneke Beerten were riding on their own, fighting for first and second while pulling away from the pack. Kinter proved the victor, winning the qualifications and finals and is now leading the overall rankings by 140 points. The World Cup title is still up for grabs, however, and Anneke Beerten will fight for it in Maribor in September.

The weather remained clear and hot for the DH race and as the track degraded, massive braking bumps and holes formed from top to bottom. Oakley’s Gee Atherton and Greg Minnar stepped up to the challenge and came in second and third on the podium.

4X Results


  1. Brian Lopes, Oakley
  2. Guido Tschugg
  3. Filip Polc, Oakley


  1. Jill Kintner, Oakley
  2. Anneke Beerten, Oakley
  3. Fionn Griffiths

DH Results


  1. Sam Hill
  2. Gee Atherton, Oakley
  3. Greg Minnar, Oakley


Staff Writer


July 07, 2007