Brian Lopes, all around gravity specialist has had an unprecedented career since becoming a professional cyclist at age 17, he has been labeled by USA Today “Indisputably the best all around world class cycling athlete”. Having raced BMX for most of childhood, he learned how to ride a bike at the tender age of 4, turning Pro at the age of 17 and competing in the BMX circuit for 7 years before channeling all his efforts in 1993 to mountain biking.

He has won over 19 #1 titles in MTB (and counting…), 9 of those on the NORBA National circuit, 8 on the UCI World Cup & 4 prestigious World Championships. The most recent win was his winning streak at Crankworx where he won 3 events (AirDH, GIANT Slalom, and the Canadian Open Enduro) and placed 2nd in Slalom. BL has more UCI World Cup career wins than any other male mountain biker in the history of the sport.

Lopes is one of the most recognizable faces in 2 wheels (no motor) on Dirt; known for his speed,flawless style and winning results, he is an inspiration to bikers and action sport enthusiasts around the world. He was nominated in 2001 for an ESPY “Action sport Athlete of the Year”, won two NEA (World Extreme Sports Award) for “Mountain Biker of the Year” in 2000 & 2001 and is featured in SONY PlayStation “Downhill Domination” as himself. And in 2008 he was inducted into the Mountain Bike and BMX Hall of Fame.

Q & A

  1. Favorite breakfast?

    Soy Capp to drink, banana nut, choc chip, pancakes

  2. Strengths:

    Jumping, technical rhythm sections, sprinting, Special Olympics

  3. If I had a younger brother, one piece of life advice I would give him is:

    You know the difference between right and wrong, so use your head. Bad choices lead to difficult times.

  4. What's your favorite number and why?

    55 is my favorite # because when I started racing bikes in 1975 that was my first # I ever had, so that is the # I have picked about 4 or 5 years ago to represent Brian Lopes. I started with this # and I will end with it.

  5. Who makes you laugh?

    Cedric Gracia, Hans Rey, Mark Weir

  6. Favorite Oakley product?

    I don't have 1 favorite. The eyewear has always been top notch and an area that everyone knows Oakley dominates. But in the past 4 years the MTB clipless shoes and gloves have been great. Creating a shoe that not only looks good, but performs good is a challenge and I have been super happy with all the development and progress in this area. And the gloves have made some great progress in fit, comfort, and style.

  7. What's it mean to you to be riding for Oakley?

    It means perfection. From the product, to the employees, to the support, everything is always top notch. Riding for Oakley means you have reached the top of the mountain.

  8. Can you call out a single career highlight and why?

    The first time I won the world championships in 2001 because it was in the USA, 911 had just happened that week and I was suppose to fly to Colorado that day. I ended up having to drive last minute to get there and to win in front of my country, family, & friends was great.

  9. Confidence is:

    the ability to just do whatever you want.

  10. Favorite discipline?

    Downhilling and jumping.

  11. Where are you going to ride and train this year?

    Laguna Beach, Whistler, Andorra, Downieville, Colorado, Poland, and a shit load of other places

  12. Techno or Metal:


  13. Up or down?

    Looking up, riding down

Brian Lopes

Date of Birth:
September 9, 1971
Laguna Beach, CA
Motocross, Anything to do with cars (old & new), collecting Dr. Seuss art

Career Highlights

    • 4 time World Champion- 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007
    • 9X National Champion
    • Becoming an author with Lee McCormack on our book titled, "Mastering Mountain Biking Skills"
    • More wins than any other male mountain biker
    • 26 UCI World Cup Victories
    • ESPY nominee "Action Sport Athlete of the Year"- 2001
    • NEA "Mountain Biker of the Year"- 2000, 2001
    • Inducted into the Mountain Bike and BMX Hall of Fame- 2008
    • 2012: California Golden State Champion (Super D)