Q & A

  1. Word Association:

    • Fun= Mountain Biking • Vision= a stress-free long life • Friend= a really important person

  2. When did you turn pro?

    In 2004

  3. What are the events, wins, memories that stand out most?

    The Olympic Games in Bejing, my two World Cup Victories in 08 and 10

  4. If there’s one thing that people in the industry would recognize you by, what would that be?

    Fast Starts

  5. When did you first start riding? Where/why?

    In 1995, because of school friends

  6. What drives you to be sicker than everyone else?

    I’m pretty focused on goals sometimes

  7. If you weren’t ripping on a bike, what kind of menial task would you want to do?

    Don’t now actually

  8. If you had to date one person who would it be: Pamela Anderson after Tommy Lee, Snookie from Jersey Shore or your mom in the past like Michael J. Fox from Back to the Future?

    I’d like to date my Girlfriend 15 Years back, kind of like the Back to the Future movies

  9. Talent…other than doing no handed pushups:

    I’m an anti-talent!

  10. Your Favorite…(Start with your favorite music artist or something):

    Depends on my mood – from brion friedman to hiphop and back

  11. Oakleys are…


  12. Best song to ride to:

    Everything from Prodigy

  13. First thing you do when you get back from a trip is…

    I buy bread at the local bakery – nothing beats Swiss bread

  14. What is something that you wouldn't normally tell someone about yourself?

    I don’t like to lose – in Sport, Games and in Life

  15. Fist pumping? Head Banging? C-Walking? Or Funky Chicken? Which one? Or all of the above?

    Head banging

  16. Dream vacation spot:


  17. Would you rather get punched in the gut by Mr. T. or super roundhouse kicked in the face by Chuck Norris?

    I prefer Mr. T – Chuck Norris is kind of Gay isn’t he?!

  18. If the most interesting man in the world wanted to take your girlfriend out would you let him?

    Why not – this would be the real test!

  19. People would be super surprised if they knew that you…

    Love to eat 10 Hamburgers in a row (only in offseason)

  20. Food…

    Italian Food, Sushi and good meat

  21. Taylor Swift or Myley Cyrus? Or if you prefer older, Megan Fox or Diane Keaton?

    Taylor Swift

  22. Last words…

    Go pro – ride Oakley

Florian Vogel


When I was a kid I always wanted to be a MTB Pro-“Mechanic”!

Date of Birth:
February 18, 1982
Kölliken, Switzerland
Scott, Sram, DT Swiss Ritchey, Swisspower, Allianz
Kayaking, my family and my little daughter

Career Highlights

    • 2008: European Champian
    • 2007: Team Relay World Champion
    • 2008: Member of Swiss Olympic Team
    • 2008/2009 Swiss Champion
    • 2008: Vice-World Champion
    • 2008: Winner World Cup Fort William
    • 2010: Champery (SUI)